Monday, August 22, 2011

babbo garden closed for summer

In Florida, we're all backward. Our farmer's markets open when everyone else's are closing, and they close when they open everywhere else. It's because it's hot here, and humid, and even if people are willing to go outside, plants are smart enough to avoid growing.

So the Babbo garden is pretty brown right now. But before we close it down for the season, here is a recap of some of the dishes we got for about $6 worth of seeds:

From the bitter greens (dandelion and escarole, both easy to grow, but not my favorite to eat)

This was my favorite of the bitter green dishes. But if I made it again, I'd use spinach.

From the sungold tomatoes:

From the teardrop tomatoes:

The sungold tomatoes were my favorite thing of the things we grew, and I would grow them again. The teardrops also tasted good, despite the fact that two of the three dishes they were in were not my favorite. But they were a little weird to grow. It was hard to harvest them before they developed splits in the skin. Really sweet, though. And the pork chop was one of my favorite dishes.

So, I'm about to put in tomato seeds for Babbo Garden 2.0. And will try again with the sweet peas, the only thing that was a total fail in 1.0. Considering a couple other things, too, but not sure yet. I think I have a couple more weeks to decide.

Up next: sweet corn crema.

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