Thursday, August 4, 2011

snapper in cartoccio

I'm trying to think of any drama I can attach to this post.

"Oh man, the fish was so hard to get." Well, no. It's snapper. It's always in every store around here. Usually minutes off the boat.

"The recipe called for sungold tomatoes, and no one around here sells them." True, but I grew some. I have gone on and on about this, I know. But I love that photo at the top.

"I had to saute garlic cloves in sweet wine to make this dish." Wait. That was easy. And delicious.

Maybe i should've grown the tree to make the parchment to wrap the fish in. That would have been hard core. And dumb.

So I made the sweet garlic cloves and put them in a piece of parchment with a filet of snapper and the tomatoes, and pea pods and clams and wine.

All good.
Up next: pork chop milanese, also not dramatic.

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