Sunday, June 14, 2020

positivity journal 2020:5

this just keeps getting harder, and i still don't even know if i should post this one, because nothing seems right right now

but here it is. some of it seems ridiculous given all that's happened since may started,  but i'm committed to continue to try to be a part of the solution

may 1: i posted the april list and only left 2 dates blank. when i decided it was ok for me to leave dates blank, i expected more. let's see how this month goes
may 2: all-day bageling
may 3: i saw familiar faces, in person. tho with masks
may 4: grace potter all-covers show
may 5: got about 2 organic minutes of face(mask) time with jose andres

may 6: watched season 3 finale of ozark. i didn’t see that coming, but then, neither did she
may 7: had birthday dinner with bowerses by text
may 8: subversive negroni during rigatoni takeout pickup
may 9: grits
may 10: turned my grandmother’s recipe for dinner rolls into another sourdough project 

may 11: "everything that kills me makes me feel alive"
may 12: got most of my steps for the day by doing laps on the concourse at Nats Park after volunteer shift. ftr, one lap around the 100 level is a half-mile
may 13: i typed "the negroni" in my phone and predictive text assumed my next words would be "was my favorite"
may 14: whenever i look for recipes on the king arthur flour website, i get a message telling me it uses cookies. which i find hilarious 
may 15:

may 16: quote seen in window of favorite wine store: “you can cut all the flowers, but you can’t stop spring from coming”
may 17: butchered 2 chickens then made stock and schmaltz from the leftover bits, then made chicken salad from the bits of the bits that came off the bones after making the stock. it is 1890 and i am your grandmother
may 18: got to play the role of literary ventriloquist again. was fun
may 19: when i got to stadium at 9 am, left cup with ice in the car. when i finished at 430, there was still ice in the still-cold water. in mid may. if you think i miss florida, you are not paying attention
may 20: if you told me hearing a huey lewis song for the first time in years would briefly buoy me, i would not have believed. but i did, and it did, so here we are

may 21: i subscribed to salami
may 22: pasta 
may 23: second saturday in a row with cabbage salad for dinner, and it was excellent 
may 24: dabney memorial day bbq takeout
may 25: people made bagels because i told them how

may 26: got to work with arielle retting again, if just for a day
may 27: went to a lumber store. it was amazing 
may 28: maggie rose single drop 
may 29: finished work at reasonable hour
may 30: grill marks

may 31: