Wednesday, July 1, 2020

positivity journal 2020:6

no delay this month, and only 2 skips, which is waaaaaay less than i would've guessed the way the month started

jun 1:
jun 2: guy at meal distribution site kept calling me chef and i just let him
jun 3: fewer sirens today
jun 4: i can’t tell you anything about secret sushi society 
jun 5: writing is coping

jun 6: shows with judy greer
jun 7: celebrating becky bowers with remote mexican birthday dinner 
jun 8: puppy asked to be petted. puppy’s person said it was ok. so i petted a puppy for first time in months. this is the reopen phase i’ve been waiting for
jun 9: for the first time in 10 days, no police staging in the police staging area. this is the state of positivity in 2020
jun 10: when people message me their favorite lines from something i wrote

jun 11: i started watching letterkenny and i can’t decide if that’s a good idea
jun 12: first caprese of the season 
jun 13: finally finished geoff edgers’ book “walk this way,” which i got a year and a half ago. i’m a slow reader
jun 14: my trusted confidante, laura reiley, has implored me to limit the amount of time i spend talking about reo speedwagon. so i don’t know what to say about my rediscovering the song “the key”
jun 15: epic patio feast celebrating michael schlow

jun 16: worked side by side with two DC police officers making 600 sandwiches that i think were going to protesters
jun 17:
jun 18: i felt better as soon as i decided to not weigh myself this week
jun 19: someone reminded me i’ve written cookbooks. i think i actually forgot
jun 20: i cooked from one of my cookbooks 

jun 21: i don’t want to get super deep into how i spent my evening, but apple cider is better with bourbon 
jun 22: cereal for dinner for first time of pandemic. thought that would happen more
jun 23: talking 80s music while dishing up meals at stadium 
jun 24: everybody was talking about how hot it was but it seemed pretty nice
jun 25: my favorite sushi chef told me i did a good job plating the takeout i got from him

jun 26: cut out of work before i was done to have aperol spritz on the patio 
jun 27: walked the mall and tidal basin. seven miles in 90 degrees. took freezing shower after to resolidify
jun 28: followed through on threat to make almond croissants. not bad, but it's a thing i can get better at
jun 29: "haven't all the fading lines lingered on?"
jun 30: apple watch gives me new metrics to obsess over. it hardly cares about steps at all