Friday, December 31, 2021

positivity journal 2021:12

apparently i watched a lot of tv this month. i guess that makes sense.

dec 1: mixed amarena syrup with vernor’s and i’m a genius
dec 3: mixed orange juice with vernor’s and am starting to think i have an idea for a new cookbook 
dec 4: i can apparently resist anything except a challenge to progressively eat fried rice around town
dec 5: saw a teenage girl wearing an iron maiden tour jersey and i love irony so much

dec 6: at dinner, couple made too big a deal about the size of the tip they were leaving waitress, but seemed genuine in appreciation of her, then asked what days she worked so they’d always come in on her days. … it didn’t seem creepy till i typed it
dec 8: drank some vernor’s without anything else mixed in. researching the base line 
dec 9: at eye doctor, woman fitting me for new glasses had opinions on what i should be wearing. it’s her fourth year working on my face. i trust her
dec 10: a very maggie christmas concert

dec 11: “are you the fried rice guy?”
dec 12: started watching an hbo documentary series where helen mirren plays catherine the great so i could compare it to the hulu dramatic series “the great” in which elle fanning plays catherine the great and wow are they different 
dec 13: i kept seeing a link to a story headlined why are we still obsessed with princess diana, and each time, i said, to no one but the computer screen, we are not
dec 14: my watch didn’t charge right over night so i spent the day not caring if i got my steps 
dec 15: walked past fire station that was fully engaged in their holiday party and really wanted to know what they were cooking 

dec 16: pogi loco moco for lunch
dec 17: explained to ken preuss that sometimes i send him tv recommendations while i’m drinking. it went well
dec 18: i used to do a lot on weekends but have gotten into habit of basically doing nothing on weekends and i kinda like it
dec 19: read a story about guy who did the podcast that became the shrink next door and liked the story way more than the tv show

dec 21: i saw my breath for the first time since probably february. it’s good to have a tangible reminder 
dec 22: it’s nice that the cream cheese disaster of 21 never really hit here
dec 23: bagels, obviously
dec 24: had to work on the official business holiday, but was done in about 2 hours
dec 25: omg stuffed fried mushrooms merry christmas

dec 26: walked to washington monument in daylight 
dec 27: chips and queso
dec 28: stopped watching an animated spoof movie of american history because it made lincoln and washington contemporaries. it was nice to learn i have standards
dec 29: crazy pie i made for christmas is still good and almost gone
dec 30: richard marx in concert on my tv

dec 31: i’ll keep believing this till it’s true: its been a long december and theres reason to believe, maybe this year will be better than the last/i cant remember all the times i tried to tell my myself to hold on to these moments as they pass

anyway, that
s it for year 3 of this list. not sure what to think of that, but there it is

Friday, December 3, 2021

positivity journal 2021:11

 oh, cool, 2021 is almost over. anyway, here's this:

nov 1: billy joel released an old recording of one of my favorite songs and it might be my favorite version 
nov 2: as soon as i finished reading richard marx’ memoir, nikki sixx’ arrived
nov 3: i always try to eat the brown candy corn first so it doesnt spoil the others
nov 5: pad thai is so underrated 
nov 6: most of my goals met by noon
nov 7: “on certain sundays in november, when the weather bothers me …”
nov 8: sauerkraut on a veggie burger 
nov 9: had to test a recipe that featured leftover turkey, so had to roast some turkey to be left over
nov 10: there was leftover turkey leftover after test, so it became the star of my salad for dinner 

nov 11: while i was waiting in the parking lot at the vet, a woman pushing a shopping cart down the street stopped to tell me she hoped my kitty would be ok
nov 12: “it’s hard to hold a candle in the cold november rain”
nov 13: i love it when neighborhood dogs start running to me from half a block away 
nov 14: waitress: who dresses you? i greatly preferred this to the normal “arent you cold?
nov 15: when i sign on to work, a note pops up that says digital experience enabled and while i appreciate the enthusiasm it feels like its trying too hard

nov 16: “you were written in the stars that we are swimming in”
nov 17: kathy wenner. that's all. just kathy wenner
nov 18: i saw the word severalteen" used unironically on the interwebs and i was immediately enraged but also loved it and might adopt it
nov 19: technically, my thanksgiving work marathon basically ended just as i was about to start cooking
nov 20: butchering birds

nov 21: i finished the huge bottle of soy sauce i bought over the summer, which tells me i’m cooking a lot, and a lot of the right stuff

nov 22: 
was looking at our old house on redfin, and it has doubled in value since we sold it, possibly because redfin listing has a photo with najah in it (top)
nov 23: before i got out of bed, got a text asking for a lunch recommendation in savannah and i later learned it worked out pretty well
nov 24: got into a fight on the internet. it was with the son of billy joel’s former manager. i definitely won
nov 25: ate thanksgiving while food was still hot, which is not the way i’ve become accustomed to doing it

nov 26: stuffing leftovers
nov 27: not a huge beatles fan nor of the song get back, but maybe im amazed at watching actual video of the moment it was conceived
nov 28: i do love pumpkin pie
nov 29: i was not kidding about stuffing leftovers
nov 30: boosted