Saturday, October 2, 2021

positivity journal 2021:9

mostly i drove halfway across the country for a concert, but i crossed 4 states off the list of ones i had never been to, and they were big ones in the middle so my map is a lot more full now.

sept 1: “laziness, properly applied, is medicine
sept 2: it did not reach 80 degrees today and i am in my element
sept 3: command z
sept 4: boss calls on a saturday with good news
sept 5: spotify shuffled me “ballad of billy the kid and “captain jack back-to-back, so clearly i have pleased the deities

sept 6: averna, ginger ale, lime
sept 7: the episode of “modern love where a friend of the character played by kit harrington (aka jon snow) asks him if his girlfriend watches “game of thrones.
sept 8: woke up to learn that i have a ticket to see foo fighters tomorrow
sept 9: used foo fighters ticket
sept 10: billy joel 29, cincinnati: the pete rose reference in “zanzibar” hits different when you hear it live in the reds’ stadium 

sept 11: burnt ends
sept 12: thought i drove 1,700 miles to see brandi carlile at red rocks, but maybe it was actually for the remarkably long hug from lara cerri and i just didn’t know that till it happened 
sept 13: in meta driving: i passed a lincoln in lincoln and listened to “omaha” in omaha
sept 14: random playlist answered some questions 
sept 15: chose fasting over bad fast food 

sept 16: overhang of office entry next to wawa provided decent cover during crazy rainstorm 
sept 17: drove to maryland to pick up gas station fried chicken. would do it again 
sept 18: helped make 2,000 sandwiches 
sept 19: made a triple boulevardier, which is not rodney dangerfield’s dive in the french version of “back to school (retour à l'école),” but just a tall glass of booze
sept 20: got a charge from the opening beat of journey’s “separate ways” that i didn’t see coming

sept 21: i remembered ... to watch the earth wind and fire video, because duh
sept 22: was featured in daniela galarza’s newsletter again, and woke up to nice emails as a result 
sept 23: it barely hit 70 today, which, coupled with sept 2, is a pretty great month
sept 24: chicken wings and cheese fries
sept 25: was able to completely disassociate from cable company with minimal histrionics, which was nice

sept 26: i actually forgot to eat almost all day and it was fine
sept 27: by my count, i started this list 1,000 days ago
sept 28: the degree of exasperation on the face of zoe kazan in every second of “clickbait is something i aspire to
sept 29: i put absinthe in my kalimotxo. i don’t remember if it was good. which is a sign

📸: amazon, ted mclaren, netflix