Sunday, August 1, 2021

positivity journal 2021:7

i was thinking that next month's was going to be amazing. but right now i'm wondering if there will be one next month. so drink this one in

jul 1: have reached point in life where i sometimes just buy my preferred oat milk even if some brand of almond milk is on sale
jul 2: fried brussels sprouts are the very best expression of brussels sprouts
jul 4: we found an excellent spot to not see the fireworks. would go back
jul 5: 4k words

jul 6: instantly reacclimated to office culture
jul 7: i wore my favorite purple shirt for the first time in ... well, it has a collar and buttons, soo ... like almost a year and a half.
jul 8: “misery loves company, but she will never foot the bill”
jul 9: with return to office, popeyes is once again just a slight detour on my way home
jul 10: corn on the cob for dinner. this may show up again sometime


jul 11: walked 6 miles then went directly to roof of my building and soaked my feet in the pool
jul 12: got to work and courtney almost immediately said “where should we go for lunch” and that hasn’t happened in awhile 
jul 13: meditation app said “turn your awareness to your legs. let whatever is present be present.” what it didn’t know was that najah was splayed across my lap and i was very aware of it
jul 14: was watching some show of recent vintage and they dropped a survivor song in the soundtrack like it was just a thing to do in 2021 and i was left slack jawed (was not eye of the tiger)

jul 16: saw susan stanford for first time in technically forever and it was her birthday 
jul 17: slept till almost noon. which i recommend. tho not sure when i actually got to sleep, but whatever.
jul 18: lara: "did you see hanson retired?" me (long pause): "like, the mmm bop guys?" lara: "no, chris." me: "oh! that makes more sense. ... wait, isn't he our age?"
jul 19: met a new cat to catsit
jul 20: 2 chapters to go

r/TVDetails - S3E5 The Kominsky Method (Netflix): 65-year-old Paul Reiser’s character is watching the movie “Diner”, featuring a character played by 26-year-old Paul Reiser.

jul 21: there’s a 24/7 dateline channel on peacock, so i never have to look for something to watch again 
jul 22: watching paul reiser’s character on kominsky method watch paul reiser’s character on diner was ne plus meta
jul 23: had arancini at lunch and at dinner 
jul 24: because i am cat-sitting a cat that lives in a building that has a lobster roll place on the ground floor ... well, you know where this is going
jul 25: extra sungold tomatoes

jul 26: tomato sandwich on bread i made and corn on the cob for dinner
jul 27: walked home from work in the rain
jul 28: the return of indoor dining at bowerseseses
jul 30: why are chicken wings so good?

jul 31: woke up to text from my favorite egg farmer that she was already sold out but set aside 2 dozen for me