Sunday, May 1, 2022

positivity journal 2022:4


i didnt even mention in here that i had tacos four days in a row at one point

apr 1: the only fools day tweet thing i fell for was a dukes mayo ice cream sandwich, which, frankly, i maintain does not seem implausible
apr 3: najah has started going to the couch and waiting for me if she decides i’m running late to lap time
apr 4: got good book news. shhhhhhhhhh. fall 24. i’ll tell you when to preorder
apr 5: texted happy birthday to lara cerri, setting off a 46-text conversation that i didnt know i needed, but was not surprised

apr 6: got randomly hooked on an absurdly deep reo cut again. you’ve never heard it, i almost guarantee. but i heard it in my brain then cued it up on spotify like every day for a week 
apr 7: refused to buy my coffee liqueur because price skyrocketed, then went to a different store and found a bigger bottle for same price i used to pay for smaller bottle
apr 8: pizza at tim carman’s desk
apr 9: finished “pam & tommy” and i’m just so happy there won’t be a second season 
apr 10: smoked meat

apr 11: when someone asks me for florida recommendations i now instinctively send them directly to s3e5 of Big Mouth
apr 12: its worth it to add the lobster course
apr 14: we have dc officers that are stationed in our lobby. i have a favorite, and i saw him at starbucks, randomly
apr 15: got tired on walk so sat at fountains at city center for a minute and that was enough. it’s no belaggio, but nice

apr 16: listened to some cued up twisted sister and sat smug in the knowledge i’ve seen them live thrice
apr 17: spring thanksgiving on the roof
apr 18: because mcdonalds is a half-block past the salad place, my laziness means that i almost always have a healthy lunch 
apr 19: i love how you feel the glass of ice cold water go all the way down when you’re hungry 
apr 20: someone named james webster in the next city over followed me on twitter
apr 21: asked bartender three times if he gave me right drink, because i expected it to have a pink tinge. then he realized he forgot the campari
apr 22: introduced my new neighbor daniela to el sol taqueria
apr 24: walked in to restaurant and heard queen’s “save me” playing in kitchen and knew all my choices that had led me to that point were validated
apr 25: when i wrote a story about going to concerts a couple years ago, ronald perkins said that i talk about lyrics the way some people talk about scripture, and it was one of the smartest observations i can remember and i think about it all the time

apr 26: catalina dressing is pretty great actually 
apr 27: was listening to onerepublic’s “connection” in earbuds while walking. at intersection, looked across street and woman waiting on the other side and wearing earbuds was dancing and for a second i thought she was listening too
apr 28: coffee with carol in takoma
apr 29: i like it when auto repair people don't actively try to confuse me and answer my questions patiently and thoughtfully and exude honesty, and therefore i recommend rs automotive in takoma park 
apr 30: had pineapple but did not get itchy