Tuesday, February 2, 2021

positivity journal 2021:1

not gonna lie: this was the month it almost didn't happen, and i think it shows. what a seething hellscape.

anyway! onward!

jan 1: najah @ 20
jan 2: spotify shuffled three straight clare dunn songs and that feels right 
jan 3: i sorta burned some pumpkin seeds and they kinda taste like unpopped popcorn kernels, which are my favorite, and now i will only sorta burn pumpkin seeds
jan 4: watched video for billy joel's angry young man for the first time in years. i still can't believe how fast his hands move
jan 5: petsmart clerk told me to say hi to my cats, plural, based on how much cat food i bought. i didn’t tell him there’s just one. i know this one is a repeat. it happens every time


jan 6: the good bourbon. lots and lots of bourbon. and cherries. also the good ones. also lots. 
jan 7: calmed down before going to bed by queuing up three deliciously sedate sara bareilles songs: gravity, st honesty and orpheus. it worked 
jan 8: i love watching the charter buses leave town
jan 9: walked the mall from the capitol to lincoln memorial to reclaim it
jan 10: while walking, woman asked me about ucf shirt. said she graduated in 2012. which means she was probably not born when i graduated 

jan 11: bill ... bellchick? wait, really? (checks notes). yeah, bill belichick. huh. weird. who woulda guessed
jan 12: i burped out loud while waiting at a crosswalk because i forgot about being around other people 
jan 13: had potato chips and onion dip for lunch, then tortilla chips with bean dip for dinner. no matter how you look at it, that’s 4 servings of vegetables 
jan 14: started planning the fruit tart i hope to make tom rhodes for his birthday next year
jan 15: while walking, i met a 3-month-old pupper named rocco and the best way i could describe his general shape would be spherical

jan 16: stuffed crust pizza

jan 17: i did regular grocery shopping at publix in richmond just because i could and so i could write here that i did
jan 18: helped make 800 sandwiches
jan 19: helped make 1,100 sandwiches
jan 20: super quiet day. didn't see that coming

jan 22: it was 30 degrees, so wayne and i were able to leisurely eat our ice cream outdoors without fear of it melting
jan 23: listened to tom rhodes' "around the world" while cleaning the apartment. putting the ha-ha in housework
jan 24: the round trip to the krispy kreme shop is about 9,000 steps
jan 25: did not love the premiere of the second season of zoey's extraordinary playlist, but it reminded my how much i love the song "carry on" by fun

jan 26: drove three hours to sit in a restaurant. there was no food, but good, masked, distant conversation. baby steps

jan 27: accidentally got two story ideas in one conversation
jan 28: quality writing time
jan 29: it was a long day at work in which i barely left desk for almost 11 hours, but it eventually ended, and felt productive
jan 30: had probably best gyoza since i moved to DC. i made them (it was a recipe test, but still)

jan 31: watching snow out the window

Sunday, January 3, 2021

positivity journal 2020:12

year 2 of this list closes heavy on weird dairy references and a perhaps surprising amount of pork products

dec 1: went on a weird online shopping binge for my vacation. not sorry
dec 2: clerk at wawa called me sweetheart, which was nice, but it struck me that she seemed far too young to be calling random people sweetheart, then i wondered if it’s just that at some point i got too old
dec 3: delivered a whole lechon belly and omg my car smells good
dec 4: watched the live action “mulan” and it was great but could’ve used a wisecracking mini dragon played by eddie murphy
dec 5: got a new knife (see dec. 1) and it’s amazing. h/t quintin middleton

dec 6: finally got kitchen mostly clean from thanksgiving
dec 7: first day back from vacation is when i learn how smoothly things go without me and it’s liberating
dec 8: today is the first day i got an inquiry as to whether i expect to have leftovers of christmas dinner
dec 9: "i don't know why I go walking at night / but now i'm tired and i don't want to walk anymore / i hope it doesn't take the rest of my life / until i find what it is that i've been looking for"
dec 10: heard that najah sat on my hip at some predawn hour waiting for ... something. this makes me happy and sad, actually


dec 11: feed the good wolf
dec 12: went to whole foods and they had everything i needed
dec 14: i’m not all that into beef anymore (if i ever was), but jeremy gave me a chunk of brisket he made and it’s kinda great
dec 15: christmas card included 40-year-old photos i’d been missing. h/t linda fruecht

dec 16: when i text jay wang and look at the top of the screen and it says “jw” i always think i accidentally texted myself
dec 17: watched the losing my religion episode of song exploder and mentally made a list of about 100 songs that i’d love to see that thoughtful of a deep dive into the creation of
dec 18: made cookies
dec 19: i went to a new butcher shop and we hit it off well and the butcher gave me his cell number and that seems normal
dec 20: swapped cookies

dec 21: whenever i say the words creme fraiche, out loud or in my head, it's in the south park guy's voice
dec 22: mcrib
dec 23: i al
ways forget how much better homemade pasta is until i make pasta again
dec 24: 9 am text: “we got too many truffles. want some?”
dec 25: found a way to feed friends again

dec 26: i apparently thought allison brie and brie larson were the same person. turns out they are not. and that i like brie more than i thought i did
dec 27: was in wawa and trying to figure out what song was playing. thought it might be a matchbox 20 song i didn’t know. realized it was actually john legend. but the very next song was real world, which is a matchbox 20 song i totally know, and i think i just heard it before it started playing
dec 28: leftover porchetta sliders
dec 29: i ate a whole pint of ice cream because i didn't feel like getting up to put it back in the freezer
dec 30: rib wich

dec 31: this is my 731st post in this series. wow