Wednesday, September 1, 2021

positivity journal 2021:8

the month started with me thinking that the plans i had to return to live concerts for the month were going to get torpedoed by our perpetual state of pseudo-political pandemania. they did not, but i did spent a lot of the month wondering if they should've been. thusly:

aug 1: hate to start the month with this, but not gonna lie, it wasn’t a great day
aug 3: stopped to pet excited fluffy puppy as i left for work, then saw her again when i came home, and she remained both excited and fluffy, and either recognized me from earlier or just loves everyone equally, a lot. same human too, i think, who was fine
aug 4: billy joel 28, fenway park: i knew all the words to “a room of our own even though i never would've guessed that i knew all the words to “a room of our own
aug 5: self-care involved buying a different plane ticket instead of fighting with 2 airlines, and getting to have a killer celery-sesame salad at myers + chang before leaving boston as a result

aug 6: i don’t mind being patient, but i do appreciate it when it’s acknowledged 
aug 7: when i woke up this morning it never occurred to me that i would hear jesse lewis sing falsetto on the gilligans island version of stairway to heaven before the day ended
aug 8: i saw kara elder at the farmers market and she asked how i was. i said “ok and asked how she was. she said “also ok, and kara may be the only person i know that can reliably outsubtext me
aug 9: i needed some data and couldn't find it, then i remembered i'm friends with @dataeditor, so i asked him how i could find it, and he already had it
aug 10: “if its truth that youre looking to find, it is nowhere outside of your mind

aug 11: i always forget how much i love driving through the misty hills of virginia until the next time i’m driving through the misty hills of virginia 
aug 13: matt bolus and i almost skipped kings of leon show because it was raining so hard when we had to leave, but we went anyway and the weather was gorgeous for the whole show. also, “use somebody is amazing live
aug 14: ran errands in nashville, which really just means i bought booze at different places
aug 15: as a break during long drive home, had a business meeting over pasta with gochujang bolognese at casa de boden

aug 16: i brought 4 ears of corn back as a souvenir from the nashville farmers market and i am here to announce that it is the corn ive been waiting for
aug 17: my watch said i burned 300 calories walking to cheesecake factory, where i bought a piece of cheesecake that the menu said was 1,000 calories. i like the math
aug 20: there are very special hours in which my watch credits me for standing when i did no such thing

aug 22: my other nashville souvenir was a case of my favorite coffee booze, and i had it in my coffee this morning and remembered why it's my favorite
aug 23: had a sunkist orange soda for first time in forever and it tastes like baby aspirin and why has it been so long since i had one of these?
aug 24: cuban sandwich day (observed)
aug 25: my favorite office salad place that i heard had closed forever reopened

aug 26: it rained and the humidity disappeared 
aug 27: was told i caught 4 errors in a document that had already gone through 4 editors. i thought about it for a minute then decided not to challenge that statistic because that's probably about my average
aug 28: matt adlers birthday was coming up, so i let him cook for me
aug 29: i like randomly dropping lyrics that speak to me in the moment on a given day here. but today i heard “some nights” by fun, and pretty much that whole song
aug 30: fried green tomato pimento parm

aug 31: “you’ve already won me over, in spite of me”: alanis is fifth show of month and i feel like i’ve hit the ground running 

📸: michael schlow, tammy gordon


JTomlin said...

Dumb question: You have numbers after each concert, is that the number of times you have seen said artist? Which means you have seen Billy Joel 28 times?

jim webster said...

correct. you have broken the code!