Monday, February 3, 2020

positivity journal 2020:1

not guaranteeing the concept makes it through the year this year, but i was in the habit

jan 1: najah turns 19. that cat is amazing and is my favorite part of almost every day
jan 2: got my first concert presale code of 2020. here we go
jan 3: realized i didn’t have to close the section early. it felt like vacation 
jan 4: considered watching football, but did not
jan 5: mushroom banh mi made me feel like i could invent things again

jan 6: a homeless guy walked with me part of the way to work and ... i think he gave me a pep talk
jan 7: went to afghan restaurant. it was fine
jan 8: did not believe in meditation until i tried it and started sleeping
jan 9: extreme almond extract
jan 10: “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”

jan 11: reading a chef’s cookbook. see something i like. text chef because i have thoughts. he supports them and advises further. now i know what it feels like to be amy hollyfield!
jan 12: tried to guess year of old camaro in parking lot with ronnie perkins. we both said '67-'69. guy overheard and told us how to tell them apart. it was a 69
jan 13: “we appreciate your appreciation”
jan 14: brachetto
jan 15: tiny cast iron

jan 16: i try to get 10k steps every day. some days, tho, i am ok not. today was one
jan 17: “As you all know … well, maybe not all of you know … but those who know know that I’m an amazing cook” -- Paris Hilton, channeling my personal turmoil
jan 18: at grocery store, needed tabbouleh. realized i have NEVER bought tabbouleh before, and i had no real idea where to look. the nice lady in prepared foods showed me. it was there
jan 19: free movie at shakespeare theater
jan 20: i bought soda 2 days ago and left it in the car. went out to get it to put in the fridge. but since it was in the 30s outside, it was totally ready to drink, possibly colder than if it had been in fridge

jan 21: bread-and-butter pickles
jan 22: walk into neighborhood bakery and the baker starts excitedly telling me about all the cool things that she made today that she just sold out of. so i got usual thing. which is also cool 
jan 23: a flour company has a catalog, and i am on the mailing list  
jan 24: keeps sending me emails trying to get me to buy a membership by promising to tell me whether i’m related to my grandmother
jan 25: training session included bagels

jan 26: got to be a waiter. it was exhausting. but you waiters out there knew that 
jan 27: lip-synced uncharted by sara barrelies on the way home and wondered why i’m not in the video. i would like to claim "they may not make sense/but they sure as hell made me," which currently just has seagulls
jan 28: the new brand of yogurt i bought doesn’t have that dumb piece of paper on top
jan 29: each week i read about a museum whose address is 200 North Boulevard, and i always have to think if it is 200 N. Boulevard or 200 North Blvd. (it is the former)
jan 30: series finale for the good place was perfect 

jan 31: overheard, on jan 31: "you mean year to date? or for the month?"