Tuesday, January 3, 2023

positivity journal 2022:12

lots of cookies. a couple dogs and made the best of a trip to nyc for christmas. the last one may be seen as a bummer, so sorry in advance

dec 1: i somehow stumbled on an old ’70s song, “romeo’s tune,” in the form of a keith urban cover of it, and have been weirdly obsessed with it
dec 2: closed out leftovers season with turkey tetrazzini, because that’s what you do
dec 3: i read a recipe for orange blossom snickerdoodles and saw it as a base for the lemon coolers i wanted to make. so i did
dec 4: delivered some cookies to my pal susan
dec 5: had cookies for breakfast. there are a lot of cookies

dec 6: my car could die forever at any moment, but i’m grateful every time it gets me home
dec 7: three times today, people randomly quoted things i said years ago, and each time i had to figure out where i heard it before  
dec 8: took my pal michael, an italian chef, to dinner at an italian restaurant
dec 9: not sure why but it seems totally reasonable to wear my neon green camo t-shirt to work on fridays
dec 10: walking to farmers market, saw frito and therefore knew if i looked up, i would see daniela. so i did

dec 11: i love seeing a $95 t-shirt in clothing store because then i immediately know there’s nothing there for me and i can just leave 
dec 12: fritos scoops and french onion dip can change my mood. (this is not technically directly related to dec. 10)
dec 13: got to hang out with tiger, a greyhound that's roughly as tall as i am and looks like a deer when he's laying down
dec 14: running low on lemon cookies, so made another batch
dec 15: weekday afternoon drunk lady stopped me on sidewalk to tell me how much she loves christmas because of pie, which means we have a few things in common

dec 16: tonight’s fried chicken friday comes in the form of general tso’s from lucky danger
dec 17: went to eataly for the first time in 5+ years, but they didn’t have the coffee i was looking for so i left
dec 18: texted tom live updates of the argentina celebrations in times square
dec 19: walking around the village, hit sullivan street and realized that’s a billy joel reference AND a counting crows reference 
dec 20: the new train station in nyc is sooooo clean and sparkly, but i could navigate the old one with my eyes closed

dec 21: watched on zoom as my salad was photographed in colorado  
dec 22: “hey, jim, i know you like pork …” is a nice way for your butcher to start a conversation when you walk to the counter 
dec 23: watched a john mulaney special on netflix but i could only hear andrew glouberman
dec 24: it was so cold that i noticed 
dec 25: green goddess stuffed fried mushrooms and shrimp cocktail became my christmas appetizer tradition last year; this year i added crostini with ricotta, honey and black truffle after having that at via carota in new york earlier in the week (photo at top)

dec 26: spotify keeps recommending that i listen to myself
dec 27: -30 since mid april
dec 28: my current flavor of ocd involves only watching “wednesday” on, well, you see where this is going
dec 29: when i work out with my trainer, his main job seems to be to tell me to keep my head up. today, i was working out alone, but listening to spotify. i realized that i was staring at the ground, and billy joel was in my earbuds singing “keep your eyes ahead and don’t look down”
dec 30: decided i needed to go shopping for whatever i was going to make for new year’s, then realized i don't really care about new years, so didn’t go shopping

dec 31: that
s a wrap on year 4 of this list  about 1,700 entries minus the time i took off over the summer  and i think it's time to go on hiatus for awhile. but it has been fun