Monday, March 2, 2020

positivity journal 2020:2


feb 1: went to see gary gulman at warner theater. his joke about con men vs. con artists made me think so hard about so many people i know
feb 2: still no meat. it’s fine
feb 3: fact: there is a guy at the geological survey who is quoted about earthquakes and his name is john geiger
feb 4: i feel confident that my serving of rigatoni with sausage gravy came with more than the prescribed amount of sausage, and i think it was a statement from the kitchen
feb 5: "naturally flavored with other natural flavors" 

feb 6: do not have a bucket list but considering starting one so i can put “eat tamales in pati jinich’s kitchen” on it because i can now cross it off, tho i want to do it again
feb 7: perigord truffles steeped in amaretto over epoisses ice cream and buckwheat crumble. as one does
feb 8: was intently working when sara barreilles' orpheous came on spotify and stopped me cold, then made me feel like climbing a mountain
feb 9: not getting into details, but someone i barely know said something to me that unlocked me in a big way, and i will always appreciate it. writing this vague item so i will be reminded of it at weird times in the future
feb 10: walking home listening to dr feelgood. during the sirens part, a fire truck passed me, fully engaged. it felt like an immersive experience

feb 11: got to condo board meeting late, and when i got there, everyone was talking about the only thing i was interested in talking about, so i just had to nod a lot. bonus: i sat next to a dog that wanted to be petted
feb 12: "somewhere back there in the dust, is that same small town in each of us."
feb 13: cereal for dinner
feb 14: gave colleague a pep talk by reminding them they work at washington post; realized i was also pep talking myself
feb 15: had idea for mushroom marsala, tried to decide when i would make it. then realized that the answer was "now"

feb 16: amanda shires closing with "that's all" cover was so literal
feb 17: finally went to new dinosaur exhibit (top) at natural history museum. took shortcut home by walking through the portrait gallery
feb 18: when amelia bowers saw Wayne and i walking through the vaunted halls of the post, she did not recognize either of us, and i suspect it is because i was not cooking and wayne was not playing guitar. she has a point
feb 19: tiktok commenters restore my faith in the youngs
feb 20: someone told me i was right about something that i never doubted i was right about 

feb 21: sweet potato w chile and crunchy salt
feb 22: any movie with anna kendrick
feb 23: 12,000 steps without trying 
feb 24: pilot of “zoe’s extraordinary playlist” provides a pretty good visual of my internal narrative, but with choreography 
feb 25: meeting cancelled

feb 26: wore red shirt on day i brought leftover pasta for lunch. we can pretend it was on purpose and i am genius
feb 27: catching up with Jennifer DeCamp over obscenely large sandwiches that weren’t on bread
feb 28: multiple twisted sister shows in my youth perfectly prepared me for hamburger mary’s
feb 29: drove out on fo’-fohty-one while listening to tom petty