Friday, December 3, 2021

positivity journal 2021:11

 oh, cool, 2021 is almost over. anyway, here's this:

nov 1: billy joel released an old recording of one of my favorite songs and it might be my favorite version 
nov 2: as soon as i finished reading richard marx’ memoir, nikki sixx’ arrived
nov 3: i always try to eat the brown candy corn first so it doesnt spoil the others
nov 5: pad thai is so underrated 
nov 6: most of my goals met by noon
nov 7: “on certain sundays in november, when the weather bothers me …”
nov 8: sauerkraut on a veggie burger 
nov 9: had to test a recipe that featured leftover turkey, so had to roast some turkey to be left over
nov 10: there was leftover turkey leftover after test, so it became the star of my salad for dinner 

nov 11: while i was waiting in the parking lot at the vet, a woman pushing a shopping cart down the street stopped to tell me she hoped my kitty would be ok
nov 12: “it’s hard to hold a candle in the cold november rain”
nov 13: i love it when neighborhood dogs start running to me from half a block away 
nov 14: waitress: who dresses you? i greatly preferred this to the normal “arent you cold?
nov 15: when i sign on to work, a note pops up that says digital experience enabled and while i appreciate the enthusiasm it feels like its trying too hard

nov 16: “you were written in the stars that we are swimming in”
nov 17: kathy wenner. that's all. just kathy wenner
nov 18: i saw the word severalteen" used unironically on the interwebs and i was immediately enraged but also loved it and might adopt it
nov 19: technically, my thanksgiving work marathon basically ended just as i was about to start cooking
nov 20: butchering birds

nov 21: i finished the huge bottle of soy sauce i bought over the summer, which tells me i’m cooking a lot, and a lot of the right stuff

nov 22: 
was looking at our old house on redfin, and it has doubled in value since we sold it, possibly because redfin listing has a photo with najah in it (top)
nov 23: before i got out of bed, got a text asking for a lunch recommendation in savannah and i later learned it worked out pretty well
nov 24: got into a fight on the internet. it was with the son of billy joel’s former manager. i definitely won
nov 25: ate thanksgiving while food was still hot, which is not the way i’ve become accustomed to doing it

nov 26: stuffing leftovers
nov 27: not a huge beatles fan nor of the song get back, but maybe im amazed at watching actual video of the moment it was conceived
nov 28: i do love pumpkin pie
nov 29: i was not kidding about stuffing leftovers
nov 30: boosted

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