Sunday, July 31, 2011

baccala mezzalune

This was my first time working with salt cod, and all I can say is that I anticipate that future endeavors will go better.

I soaked the salted fish for two days, just like it said.

I cooked it with the potato until it all mashed together, like it said.

Then I put it in pasta circles, like it said.

Then I sauteed it with tomato sauce, teardrop tomatoes and olives, like it said.

I will say that the tomato sauce, the teardrops and olives were delicious. And the pasta itself might have been the best pasta I've made. But the filling was … weird. I've had baccala before, and liked it. So I was optimistic here. But this had a weird texture. It didn't taste bad, but the texture was oddly grainy. Not pleasant at all. Not sure if i got bad baccala, or didn't soak it long enough, or what.

And since I was using salt cod, I was careful about adding more salt. That was a mistake, because it needed more salt. But that wouldn't have saved it. The texture was a dealbreaker.

For photographic purposes, it looked sort of awesome, anyway.

Shrug. Next time.

Up next: snapper in cartoccio

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