Friday, July 15, 2011

montauk lobster salad

I brought two lobsters home, Kitterey and Ogunquit. This is Ogunquit.

Then this happened.

Then this happened.

And ultimately this.

I won't go into anymore detail on that process.

After all that, this was an easy one. I knew that I could get the flowering chives at any of a number of Asian markets. And I new I could get mache at … wait … where's the mache?

I knew I had seen mache at many markets before, so I never considered it a problem. Yet there I was, with Kitterey and Ogunquit in the car, and I couldn't find any stinking mache. So I substituted a mix of field greens. I read the ingredients, and it suggested that it was possible that mache might be one of the greens included. Win.

It was beautiful, and delicious.

Oh, but I didn't get Montauk lobsters. I wanted to wait until next month and get Florida lobsters, but I wanted to use the sungold tomatoes I grew, and they weren't going to last until lobster season here. And while the tank at the store said these were Maine lobsters, the bands on the claws said they were from Canada. Who knew outsourcing was getting this bad?

Postscript: Two days later, I was in Whole Foods. They had mache.

Up next: a bitter feast


Lawrence said...

You named the lobster?! oh, that seems like a mistake. Your abbreviated description-by-photo sequence was hilarious.

Lin said...

Pretty work!Thanks for taking the time to post.