Friday, August 26, 2011

spaghetti w sweet 100 tomatoes

A couple of years ago, we split a share in a CSA at Geraldson Farms in Bradenton. I love the idea of this. I was less excited about the execution.

First, we had to drive to Bradenton a lot to pick up the weekly take. Since we were splitting the share, we didn't have to do this every week, but when you live in mid-Pinellas, any number of times you drive to Bradenton becomes a lot.

Second, it was mostly greens. Sure, we got beets, and the occasional … other stuff. But mostly we got greens. I like greens. And they were really good, interesting greens. But I don't love them. Even at half a share, we couldn't eat the greens as fast as we were getting them.

But one other thing we got was little tiny tomatoes. We could have all we wanted of those every week, but we had to pick them ourselves. Which was fun. So we got a ton of them. They were tiny and super sweet, very low acidity.

Pam planted some seeds from those tomatoes. And ever since, we have plants bearing tiny, sweet tomatoes all over the yard. Front yard. Back yard. Side yard. I haven't looked on the roof, but I wouldn't assume they aren't there.

I noticed that several of the plants were ripe at once. And I saw this recipe.


Caveat: I couldn't find lemon basil anywhere -- and didn't have the foresight to grow it -- but we had regular basil all over the place outside. Near the tomato plants. So I used that and some lemon zest to get the same effect.

So simple. So good. Can't wait until the tomatoes are ripe again.

Here is the recipe on Epicurious. Told you it was easy.

Up next: maccheroni alla chitarra. It's practically a theme.


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