Thursday, February 26, 2009

top chef 5, episode 14: the finale

so, before i start watching, i already decided i am not using a photo of the winner. because i can use this photo of me, jamie, leah and melissa last week in south beach. its a way better photo than the winner.

also, as we were driving through miami beach to leave last weekend, we drove through di lido. not dilido. di. lido. the space changes everything, don't you think?

also, i am watching on tivo. i just signed on to facebook and while i don't know who won, i do know who the winner is paired up with, so i will know who won when the sous chefs are assigned. but i don't really care. because, well, meh. let's say i'm glad this season is about over.

on with the show ...

it is worth poin
ting out that no one is going to be opening a restaurant on $100k.

ha! pam and i stood in that alley way. i think i have a photo of pam in there.

casey and richard should have won. marcel should not have. and he looks like even more of an idiot than when he was on. in the past they have gotten big name star chefs to help them. tho, i guess i would say richard and casey are big name chefs at this point.

ok, now i know who wins. i won't react to it tho. of course by the time you read this, you already know who won, too.

stefan is whinier than normal. you have to learn to pace yourself ... PRESSURE.

ok, there is a twist
coming. maybe i don't know who won yet.

nice bat impersonation. she is a total kook.

i guess stefan is getting gator. so hosea got to pick his sous AND dole out the surprise ingredients. big advantages.

sounds like stefan is going to spend a lot of time on desserts. bad idea.

cheese course is a good idea. instead of dessert. but sort of dessert.

the first thing we hear from marcel is second guessing the guy he is supposed to be helping. some things never change.

ok, i think i want to see "i love you, man."

profound hosea. one chance to make a first impression. except this is like your 14th impression.

big fan of susan spicer. i keep thinking that hubert keller's hair is a joke, but i've come to believe he means it.

hosea's trio seems busy.

interesting comment by marsalis that chefs talk like musicians.

what is a potato rod?

pain purdu. good idea.

uh-oh. casey's sous
vide hurts carla. that makes me sad.

gail likes the pain purdu.

"that's not very loverly"? oh, come on carla. just be happy. that will make them love it.

carla, don't tell them what's NOT on the plate.

hubert is angling for team euro. please. tom told them they didn't have to do dessert. they can't hold that against hosea.

mental note: braised cabbage is blais' thing. i'll remember that.

preview to the reunion: no, hosea and leah are not together. don't see it.

carla doesn't seem happy. they won't like her food as much because she isn't happy.

so, she is the pastry chef and she messed up ice cream twice and a souffle this season. why is she here?

why do you deserve it stefan? "because i deserve it." oh.

casey is getting thrown under the bus because carla didn't do her job. nice.

now toby votes for team euro. stupid euros.

toby downvoting hosea because hosea isn't a euro. we get it. a meal has a beginning, middle and end.

ok, yay hosea. but, according to tom, we should probably refer to this season as "very steady chef."

i'm not sure i understand what competing with love means, but whatevs. if it gives her a sense of accomplishment, hootie hoo.

whoa, big hug and a kiss from leah. maybe they are together.

of the three, hosea is who i wanted, but mostly because i couldn't stomach the other two. if i got to pick anyone from the season, i would've taken jamie or jeff. probably jamie. and not just because she is looking at me adoringly in the photo above.

so, the only season that i think the best chef won was harold in season one. in season two, sam was best, with cliff a close second. season three, casey and tre were the best. season four, stephanie won and i liked her, but richard was better, i thought. still do, actually.

ok, so what i saw on facebook was someone wrote on blais' wall that "you helped him win, chef." so i knew whoever he was paired with won. but then when they talked about a twist, i wondered if they had to change helpers. but no. it was all blais. tho it sounded like they didn't care for the blackberry and i thought hosea said that was richard's idea. all the sous get hosed tonight.


Anonymous said...

You missed the most disturbing comment of the night: Sick of foie gras? SICK OF FOIE GRAS??? That's like being sick of ... sick of ... Hell, there isn't an adequate analogy. It's foie friggin' gras; it's great by definition. I'd slice open my mother if her liver tasted like a duck's.

Anyway: Balls. I mean, unless you actually taste the stuff you can't know for sure, but I just don't think the best chef won. But, whatever. Congrats to Hosea.

Damn, Jim. I wasn't so envious of RR's flirtatious gaze, but Jamie's? Sigh. Please, if Carol does anything like that, don't post the picture. I couldn't take it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, you'll note it was supposed a**hole Stefan and not Hosea who went over to comfort Carla when she started to crack. I'm just saying.

jim webster said...

i would be PETRIFIED to try to comfort carla.

Laura said...

I'd say this was one of my biggest reality show letdowns of all time - and I watch a lot of bad reality.

Yes, Hosea's final performance was probably the most consistent. But as Jim pointed out, the name of the show isn't Steady Chef.

I think it all came down to confidence in the end. Stefan had too much. He was arrogant and didn't try hard enough because he didn't think he had to.

Carla lacked confidence and changed her mind any time she had doubts. Early on, she changed her menus second guessing herself as to what the judges wanted, not what she wanted. And in the end she bowed to Casey, assuming she was better than her.

Hosea won because he was confident but not arrogant.

For that reason, I think he also gets the girl in the end. But the big question, do we, the viewers seek him out to eat his food and make him successful? I do not. So big deal, he gets $100,000. He can buy like half of my middle class barely insurable home with that.