Thursday, February 5, 2009

top chef 5, episode 11

yes carla. you are underestimated. let there be no doubt. i will continue to grant you your proper level of underestimation to the end, if nec.

yes, padma, they all know eric ripert.

ohhhhhhhh. i love it when they don't know how to filet fish. and there is always someone who doesn't.

mmmmmmm. guts.

wow. looks like crap even by carla's standards. her words, laura.

shut up leah. either give up or stop saying you give up.

flesh on the bones and bones in the flesh. bad combination.

awesome. eel. awesome. here, filet this squiggly thing,

oh! private lunch at le bern. no other shoe will drop there, i'm sure.

i guess these little intra-commercial outtake scenes are supposed to trick us into watching the commercials. how sly.

hmmm. they have selected six dishes. i wonder why six. hmmm. aren't there six contestants left? what a crazy coincidence. pay attention, folks.

alan just started hating jamie. she's bored with le bern.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! they will each have to reproduce one of the dishes. who saw that coming?

za'atar tip: not much. its crazy strong.

"the fish is ok." coming from eric ripert, that's a pretty big deal.

insight from hosea: "the fish is the crux of the dish." no kidding.

it's like a whole episode dedicated to constantly telling eric ripert what a genius he is.

well i guess this isn't the week that stefan falls on his face. i still think it will happen.

uh-oh. he's hosed-ea.

oh sheesh. it's going to be either jamie or hosea. i like them both.

ah, NOW leah has advice. thanks leah. now is real helpful.

well, that's a decent prize. hang out with eric ripert for a week? sign me up.

its like mea culpa chef. who can admit to the most screwups?

sounds like they hated jamie's the most. but it sounds like they want a reason to send leah home. but hosea screwed up the fish. i dunno.

i think it will be leah or jamie. so it will probably be hosea.

wow. i thought she was probably the best cook there. shame.

i forgot about team rainbow. i guess because i never really cared about team rainbow.

nice pause by jacques: "i could die ... happy."

bonus: richard blais' twitter just after watching the previews: "
Top chef preview next week looks exactly like a dream I had. Jacques Pepin, Jesus, and Phil Hartman as Frankenstein are at judges table."


Anonymous said...

Damn damn damn. I mean, c'mon, I know Jamie botched the dish, but at least she put some effort into it and knew what she did wrong. Leah just seemed clueless and apathetic. I wish they could have kicked her off after the quickfire challenge actually. How can you be a professional chef and be so friggin' lazy?

That's two straight weeks that they've booted the wrong person. I'm starting to fear for Stefan.

I need to go back to Le Bern. Looks like they've redone the dining room since I went. Though I'd hope that was the case being that it's been about 10 years. God ... is it that long? I REALLY need to go back.

jim webster said...

could not have been 10 years. i know it happened after i got here, and i haven't been here 10 years yet.

blais has a good blog on bravo's site:

Anonymous said...

Actually yeah, you're right. Definitely not 10 years. Still, it's been too long. I have a New York trip coming up in April; maybe I'll do lunch there. It's only $64.

By the way: Pablo Escolar? Really? Yeesh. (channeling Carla) Gail? GAIL???

jim webster said...

yeah, the pablo escolar line made me cringe. because he clearly thought it was quite clever.

Laura said...

My girl Carla's going to the finals! You watch! ... Hey, I've never predicted she would win, though.

And yes, I was watching them serve 6 dishes to 6 contestants and wondering why they weren't examining them with a microscope. How could you NOT know they were going to make you duplicate those dishes.

I can't believe Leah and Josea (sp?) are still in this.

This week's episode just made me realize more that Jeff got the shaft. He deserves to be going to the finals as much as Leah or her non-boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Jeff absolutely got hosed. Maybe he tried to do too much with his dishes, but I'll take that 10 times out of 10 over someone like Leah who just flat-out gives up and doesn't appear to have ANY passion for cooking.

At this point I'm seriously rooting for a Carla vs. Stefan final.

jim webster said...

i'm still not convinced carla is in the finals. at some point, it HAS to strike midnight.

i think hosea will end up there at the end. i am somehow convinced he is better than he has shown so far, tho i admit that it may be because he keeps saying he is better than he has shown so far. and i still think that stefan is going to trip. the only wire-to-wire favorite so far has been harold in season 1, and stefan doesn't have the humility to pull it off. we'll see.