Thursday, February 12, 2009

top chef 5, episode 12

ok, sorry kookoo fans, but if carla makes it to the final, i think i lose all faith in this show. let's watch what happens ...

wow! usually they just show chicken breasts. but those were leah's.

i don't really get wylie dufresne. but i like eggs.

no one told you you had to do molecular gastronomy. they said you had to make eggs.

stefan's dish sounds like a cadbury egg. cadbury eggs weird me out.

dufresne has a famous eggs benedict dish on his menu. so he's going to like stefan's. unless he screwed it up.

is "not as eggy" a good thing or bad?

oh no, carla. no. no. no.

how is green eggs and ham clever? please.

you know, in the book, the yolks were green and the whites were white. everyone always makes the whites green. amateurs.

leah: "i sucked ass in the last challenge." hmmmmmm,

hmmmm, "none of the above" doesn't seem to be an option. weird.

i still think stefan chokes at some point. if it is tonight and that puts carla in the final, i'm ok with that.

i'm smelling drama from fabio. not buying it.

ahhhhh. shoe pooping. appetizing.

this table and lighting is spooky. which one is judas? is dan brown looking for signs in the way they are sitting? who is holding the holy grail?

hi, you are from sweden, so you want dill. nice. that's like saying that since i'm from america, i want a hamburger. oh, wait. i do. and marcus wants dill. my god, stereotypes work!

ooooooo! told you! told you!!!!!! they hate the salmon!

don't talk about butt when you are serving dinner, hosea.

they seem to not love hosea, but not hate it.

welcome to new orleans, fabio.

squab under a heat lamp? uh-oh.

carla didn't pick squab as her last meal. what is she talking about?

on the flip side, carla could be a mardi gras float.

i think either leah or stefan.

"what did lidia say about it?" that was awesome.

carla gets to go to the final not because she cooked anything well, but because she bought good peas. (shakes head incredulously.) they must've flown those peas in from somewhere far away. big carbon footprint, i bet. she is single handedly responsible for global warming, but she is going to new orleans.

they're going to want to send home leah on body of work, but say that stefan had the worse day. which means it should be stefan. but i don't know.

toby is an idiot. talks out of both sides of his mouth. i hated it. it was technically perfect.

oh, they were ALL unanimous! its always good when everyone is unanimous.

stefan looks like he just pooped a shoe.

tom needs to learn what unanimous means.

crap. so close.

fabio got a ray hawk.

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Anonymous said...

Wow ... I really thought Stefan was toast.

I'm still not sure about Fabio's cooking, but the line about chopping off the broken finger and searing it on the flat-top made me root for him. But how, exactly, did he break it? I wasn't clear on that at all.

Carla used to model? Has that come up before? Because, um ... hm. I'd be curious to see the photographic evidence. And Jim, I'm with you: No points for originality on that green eggs and ham dish. That's such cliche that when Cat Cora made "green ham and eggs" on ICA, THAT made me wince.