Thursday, February 19, 2009

top chef 5, episode 13

no fabio, you aren't going to win.

also, carla, you aren't going to win. i keep saying that. eventually i'll be right.

i like emeril. i still like him. i know some people don't. i do.

wow. WOW. i still think jamie was the best cook here. maybe she'll still win. i'd be totally ok with that.

jamie's sounds the best.

stefan talking up leah because she would be easiest to beat in his eyes. guaranteed.

suspense! a well-placed commercial.

chef jeff. cafe dildo is back in the game. i can root for him too.

i can name four very, verrrrrrry upset chefs right now. well, maybe not carla. she probably doesn't realize how much harder this just made it.

ahhh, sick mama. then we should all just let fabio win.

ahhh, bad car. then we should all just let fabio win.

oh yeah. they love hurricanes in new orleans. nice hosea.

jeff's crawfish pot de creme sounds like a good idea.

carla asking the oyster to help her shuck it. that should work.

good point about stefan not making his own sausage. i would make my own sausage if i was in a cooking contest. oh wait. i did. BAHAHAHAHAHA

i think carla and fabio are out. assuming jeff wins. which i think he can.

"it's a hurricane. i'm sure you've heard of that before." i shouldn't be able to believe he just said that.

YAY! TOBY'S GONE!!!!!!!!!!! and gail's back. that's nice too.

yes carla. please don't flash us.

fabio thinks he's in a porn movie. nice.

stefan's beignet doesn't look like it would be good. too small. hard to imagine it's very tender.

oh no, carla is counting on the fact that she's having fun again. that makes the food better. well, it worked before i guess. crap. you cut her head off and 15 more grow.

like hosea has had time to see everyone else's dish. that was cornbread?

good idea to save food for the judges.

i think it could be that team euro gets eliminated in one fell swoop.

well, if jeff doesn't win, they're messing with him.

stefan's sausage. trouble.

fabio: i like it sweet. did i tell you about my sicka mama?

wrong thing to say stefan.

hosea: your sucky cocktail was very authenticly sucky.

i think team euro is gone. unless they decide carla won.

they are saying the same thing about stefan as they said about hung a couple seasons ago. no soul. then hung came out and talked about his mama the whole finale and won. so watch out for tales of stefan's sick mama next week.

so they want to dump team euro, but they can only do it if jeff wins. i will be disappointed if that doesn't happen.

i am prepared to be disappointed.

shoot. crap. he is a close second best and gets eliminated. that sucks.

but fabio, his mama is sicka! didn't you hear?

ugh. that makes me mad.


Laura said...

Firstoff, I've found Carla locally. I'm going to Rumba Island in Clearwater where, "we create each meal with love."

2nd - I forgot to post last week. I would have said, "GO CARLA, GO CARLA, GO CARLA!"

On to this episode. How did I never notice before that Emeril talks like he has a mouth full of mrarbles?

Sure nice of them to bring Jeff back so they can hose him twice. Ugh. I can't believe Hosea gets to go to the finale.

I'm starting to think that Crazy Carla really can win this thing. A few weeks ago she started cooking what she likes, instead of trying to do something different for the judges, and since then, she's been winning. Why wouldn't she do that again next week?

So who y'all think it's gonna be - Stefan?

Anonymous said...

Man was I pulling for Jeff. It's ridiculous that he goes home while Hosea, a seafood chef who nearly got booted because he screwed up FISH, gets a chance to win it all. On the other hand if Jeff had advanced it would've been curtains for my man Stefan. I'm torn.

I suspect, Laura, that's because you're used to seeing Emeril shouting.

I think Stefan will win if he dials down the attitude and just cooks. The past two weeks there's been too much badass posturing and not enough attention to detail. I'm hoping the close calls will motivate him.

jim webster said...

i get the distinct impression that stefan thinks everyone else is wrong about the past couple of weeks, tho. i think he thinks they are stupid. which bodes badly for him.

he SO should have been out. jeff should have stayed.

i know i'm stupid, but i think hosea wins. i think stefan is just going to get more attitudinal and the clock HAS to strike midnight on carla. i am SO positive.

whichever, this has been a weak season. if jeff or jamie snuck back in and won, i would've thought that they redeemed themselves a bit. but, meh. ilan was the worst winner. whoever wins here, i think will be second-worst.

jim webster said...

as far as the meals created with love, cooking with love, and all that, i'm tired of that meaningless drivel, too, but it is altogether different that what carla is selling. she is espousing that her food -- whether it is awesome or sucks, i don't care -- tastes better because she was happy. both concepts are stupid, but at least "cooking with love" purports to be generous. "you'll like it because i'm happy" is totally selfish.

hootie hoo that, bird lady.

if i see collichio or emeril today, i'll ask them who wins. of course, they won't tell me.