Thursday, November 3, 2022

positivity journal 2022:10

oct 1: made it 934 days without getting covid
oct 2: it took about 4 cents worth of nylon washers to make the door on my refrigerator finally work right 
oct 3: using fact that i’m technically sick while technically on vacation and had to cancel my plans and it’s raining to justify drinking more averna-and-ginger-beer cocktails 
oct 4: couldn’t find purple socks but found white socks and dye
oct 5: tacos

oct 6: tested negative. might not have guessed i was even sick if i hadn’t tested. thank you science
oct 7: i love it when i pass the ice machine on my way to the hotel room
oct 8: listened to summer, highland falls while driving through the town it was written in and named after
oct 9: brought long pants for a weekend trip in case i needed them but it only went down to 37, so nah
oct 10: as i walked into my building, concierge stopped me to tell me that a recent conversation i had with her inspired her to collect her dads recipes and turn them into a book. i dont remember the conversation, but it totally sounds like one id have

oct 11: due to the intrepid reporting of laura reiley, i learned that DD Perks is the loyalty program for a donut chain and not whatever it is i was definitely imagining 
oct 12: inadvertantly stumbled on another show that features aya cash and so now will watch all those. “welcome to flatch”?
oct 13: me to daniela: the 3 things we’re talking about ordering are all carbs. daniela: that’s fine
oct 14: read a story about the design of my friend jennas condo, and looking at the photos, i was unsuspectingly verklempt when i saw one of my books (which came out years before i knew her) on her shelf! 
oct 15: i was skeptical about the “quantum leap” reboot but when i got to the part where the new mission is to resolve the original series, i was all in

oct 17: sometimes the mistakes i catch are my own
oct 18: shopping for new glasses, i think i was jason’s favorite customer, maybe ever
oct 19: intuition told me maggie rogers tour dates would be announced tomorrow 
oct 20: maggie rogers announced tour dates. i really enjoy being correct 

oct 21: half order of garlic bread
oct 22: i asked jeremy if i could tag along with him to a data conference in the spring because it’s in nashville and going there is useful to me. he immediately said yes and that he already volunteered us to do a bbq demo for the conference. it was like 15 minutes before i realized he meant me and him
oct 23: while out walking, i saw two dogs at different times who were on the other side of the street, but stopped and looked at me and clearly wanted to come say hi 
oct 24: saw soccer on tv and they did a graphic with halftime stats and the category was “ball touches” and i would think that’s a penalty 
oct 25: third dinner option with michelle baker was balkan at a bar, because the first two choices were closed, and it was awesome

oct 26: 
i thought i was out of pickles so i made more. when i put them away, i found 2 more pints
oct 27: read a story about turkey shortage this year. felt fairly immune since i know the farmer raising my turkeys right now, but DMd her to officially reserve anyway
oct 28: after work, stopped to have some wings, then saw jesus smoking a joint outside. did not have that in halloween bingo 
oct 29: tonight’s jesus was just out walking in dupont circle with andy warhol. gen z halloween is weird 
oct 30: was afraid to change my phone screen protector because i was confident all the cracks i saw couldn’t possibly just be in it. but they were. good job 

oct 31: dressed as a journalist who just got off work, i snagged all the 100 grand bars from the candy trough in the lobby; didn’t see any jesuses

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