Sunday, October 2, 2022

positivity journal 2022:9

by the end of the month, i had somehow ended up in italy. so, not bad

sept 1: holy crap/diver: there's a ronnie james dio doc coming to theaters
sept 2: timehop served up photos of najah from 3 different years. sigh
sept 3: was watching “only murders in the building” episode where there’s a blackout. just as their lights went out, the light on a timer in the kitchen went out, and it was an unexpected multimedia event
sept 4: completed my taco-based vision quest
sept 5: jeremy labors over a corn cocktail


sept 6: edited all day, wrote all night, all without leaving the same chair. the respite was impromptu dinner with nora simon, which included a research element 
sept 7: second straight day of sitting at computer for about 17 hours, which is fulfilling if also exhausting 
sept 8: apparently, at some point, i set slack to alert me whenever anyone in any channel sends a message mentioning “bagel”
sept 9: good timing scores free ticket to amanda shires concert
sept 10: i get inordinately proud of myself when i bail on movies that are terrible 10 minutes in

sept 11: bought candy corn at target, so the season is officially open 
sept 12: all that i feel is the realness i’m faking”
sept 13: getting to the point that i don’t feel self conscious about working out in the gym when someone else is in there
sept 14: my research indicates 70 is the exact correct number of walk-to-work degrees 
sept 15: i was in no way prepared for the staff page of the website of elle restaurant

sept 16: it’s getting to the point that i can almost list other people at the office whose doctors are making them drink 150 oz of water a day
sept 17: went to record store. there was no billy joel, but there was toscanini, prokofiev, liberace, buddy holly, elvis, rock around the clock and lots of heavy metal. so kind of
sett XVIII: got the phone call i always kinda knew was coming one day: “wanna go to italy next week?”
sett XIX: i can go to italy next week
sept 20: if you’ve filled up your vax card, they’ll just give you a new one

sept 22: it’s 73 degrees and i overheard guy on sidewalk say, to no one in particular, "this is SOO much better than when it’s hot." AMEN BROTHER

sett XXIII: went to work but spent all day thinking about packing for italy
sett XXIV: uber driver taking me to airport asks where i’m going. “oh my god you’re going to eat prosciutto!” he wasn’t wrong 
sett XXV: within 3 hours of arriving in florence, had had prosciutto twice 

sett XXVI: gelato’d twice 
sett XXVII: got to fulfill lifelong goal of setting AC to 19 degrees 
sett XXVIII: roamed rome to the tune of XXMCCLXVI steps
sett XXXIX: got dessert bombed at il san lorenzo after getting crudo bombed and truffle bombed
sett XXX: cab driver taking me to the airport in rome opened with “i don’t speak much english,” but we managed fine

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