Thursday, September 1, 2022

positivity journal 2022:8

nearly 33 percent of the items on this list are music allusions, which is code that i'm still trying to heal, because that's my medicine. anyway, here goes:

aug 1: made template for this list. not sure about it, but figured i’d try
aug 2: noticed that my trainer more aggressively trains me when there’s an attractive lady in the gym
aug 3: to supplement the nagging of my intermittent fasting app, i’ve started to listen to twisted sister’s “stay hungry” several times a day. that was actually my weight loss plan in college anyway 
aug 4: new maggie rogers album arrived and it’s purple
aug 5: i told emily i was going to a concert next week and she asked “billy joel or maggie rogers?” neither, but i like that emily is paying attention 

aug 6: store didn’t have ice cream i wanted AND I DIDN’T JUST BUY SOME OTHER ONE
aug 7: simultaneously held two text conversations with friends named lara about singers named maggie and was shocked i never got my laras nor my maggies mixed up. but both laras are aware of both maggies, so not a huge deal
aug 8: i liked that the woman next to me at the counting crows show knew all the words, but LOVED it when they played a not-favorite of mine and she randomly turned to me and said “ugh, i hate this song
aug 9: las gemelas probably has the best soundtrack of any taco place i’ve been to
aug 10: read something that suggested 2 of my very favorite, very different, billy joel songs, summer highland falls and i go to extremes, are basically about the same thing and my head exploded a little. because it’s not wrong. oh, and the “thing” is manic depression 

aug 11: dinner with alex, but also the guy sitting behind him looked exactly like … well, vincent van gogh. except the ears
aug 12: was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when i heard 2 guys behind me talking about my grandmother's dinner roll recipe
aug 13: it was a 3-taqueria kinda day
aug 14: “i’m good at seeing opportunity where others see mayhem” please watch “we feed people.” it’s on hulu
aug 15: put my watch on its charger as i went to bed and it was at 1% and i feel like i timed that pretty well

aug 16: it’s been a month since i saw brandi carlile in dallas, and i think i’ve listened to “cannonball” about 20 times since then
aug 17: kebabs and rice
aug 18: the only thing i like about summer is wearing sunglasses on the walk home
aug 20: got to hang out at a cookbook photo shoot. i’ve missed that and look forward to the next 

aug 21: watched season finale of 3 shows and that always feels like a weird victory 
aug 22: amalgamated a bunch of leftovers into a rice bowl that didn’t read like leftovers. clearing out space in the fridge always feels like a not-weird-at-all victory 
aug 23: favorite part of working from home is no socks
aug 24: the smell of mint calms me down. i don’t know why
aug 25: i’m against socks that differentiate between left and right, so was kind of surprised at the small jolt of joy i felt when i mindlessly put on a sock, looked down, and saw the R on my right toe

aug 26: saw o.a.r. play r.e.m. and wayne shout-sang all the words (youtube video)
aug 27: accidentally went to get tacos during happy hour. the happy hour part was the accident. getting tacos was totally on purpose
aug 28: successfully made an 83-point turn while pulling a trailer to get out of a parking lot
aug 29: first i saw one braford, and we talked about our mutual deevolutionary interest in old man shoes that don’t need to be tied and that should surprise no one. but then another braford starting slacking me and i didn’t see that coming 
aug 30: sometimes when i work from home, i wear my ID anyway to stay in the habit

aug 31: susan inadvertently alluded to my favorite twisted sister song.

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