Monday, December 5, 2022

positivity journal 2022:11

there's a lot of turkey tangents coming up

nov 1: my new glasses are shaquille o’neal’s line, which probably says something about the size of my head 
nov 2: trainer thinks he slyly raised the weights i work out at, but let me tell you, i noticed
nov 3: work slack: 
hey jim, there's a pumpkin pie downstairs with your name on it.” so literal
nov 4: lol
d at weird al movie. spoiler alert sad he died
nov 5: ponch garcia found me a deal on my too expensive chili crisp

nov 6: salad i made for dinner had oranges in it, but before i sliced it, had the foresight to strip the peel for the cocktail i would be making later 
nov 7: took small detour on walk to work and voted without breaking stride 
nov 8: i told nora i was making tgiving dinner for a mutual friend and asked if she wanted to make a pie to include. she asked if she could make 3. it's always nice when you can see you
ve found your very specific band of weirdos
nov 9: no one notices the contrast of white on white
nov 10: discussed iron replenishment after blood donation with melanie over steak kebabs (that sentence can be read in different ways but i gave up trying to fix it; i don
t think any of them are dirty)

nov 11: my new rain jacket actually works
nov 12: 
i see horses running wild, i wish / i could feel like that for just a minute
nov 13: it was 65 when i went to bed, 55 when i woke up, and it just kept going down all day
nov 14: strategizing thanksgiving duties with jeremy while finishing editing the thanksgiving food section is multitasking in perfect synergy
nov 15: i think it
s funny when mcdonalds suggests it's going to retire the mcrib, because the only time i ever go to mcdonalds is when they have the mcrib

nov 16: because i’m tall, not only could i tell that supermarket had my oat milk, but i could also reach the second one when i saw the top of the first one was crushed 
nov 17: went to see patti smith talk about her new book, and she played a few songs at the end; the first was 
nov 18: when the pandemic started, i was reading “fleishman is in trouble” and now it’s a tv series on hulu
nov 19: “you made coke flavored nocino!”
nov 20: went outside and noticed a big spot in the clear sky. pointed my phone at it and learned it was jupiter

nov 21: thanksgiving prep is like the only time i feel like i know what i’m doing 
nov 22: labeled something to go in freezer and dated it 11/22. meant it as month/year, then thought, whoa
nov 23: podcast drops w tammy and jenna so i get to relive a little bit of italy 
nov 24: hybrid thanksgiving went well
nov 25: i walked 7.5 miles without stopping for a break and then came across this quote: 
the way you walk the path is as important as where it leads, which is good, because i walked in a big circle

nov 26: accomplished nothing all day but kinda feel like i was due for one of those
nov 27: discussed dogs in businesses with lara over coffee while admiring dogs in coffee shop 
nov 28: i love leftovers
nov 29: so. many. cookies. well, cookie recipes, anyway
nov 30: reasonably satisfied with my spotify wrapped. it didn
t have anything completely nonsensical on it 

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