Monday, May 31, 2021

positivity journal 2021:5


may 1: during a phone call with lawrence, i made 2 batches of bagels, a gallon of chicken stock and did 2 loads of laundry. he inspires multitasking 
may 2: lymph nodes
may 3: i like the show roadies so much i’m mad there are only 10 episodes 
may 4: i had a print made with my grandmother’s recipe for dinner rolls, and woman at fedex said she looked at it while it was printing and it made her think of her grandmother’s dinner rolls
may 5: laughed pretty hard when i realized i typed “thrown” when i meant “throne” in a headline (no one else ever saw it)

may 6: i don’t know why the combination of cheese popcorn and caramel popcorn works but it definitely does
may 7: eating a lot of rice lately. i’m a fan
may 8: finished reading “a shot in the moonlight” by ben montgomery and am patiently awaiting the movie 
may 9: “sometimes i’m tired, sometimes i’m shot. sometimes i don’t know how much more i got”
may 10: wrote about 1,000 words after work

may 11: during a zoom meeting, secretly multitasked, clearing my email box from 1,500 to 47
may 12: my sleep schedule (like that's a thing) has been altered by najah, who has decided she wants to sit on my lap until at least 2:30 am every night all of a sudden. i. can't. say. no
may 13: cava y coffee con courtney
may 14: despite shortage, was able to fill tank w gas, which should last a couple months
may 15: dinner at bowerseseses. wait, what?

may 16: reading on the roof, catching up with laura and geoff without them being there
may 17: went out walking, holding a mask dangling from my fingers, in case i needed it. guy walking toward me starts laughing and says “hey man, what do you keep in that tiny purse?” “my makeup!” i said. and he laughed harder. then i put the mask in my pocket
may 18: closed exercise ring before work started   
may 19: fulfilled career goal to write a headline for a story with a picture of a naked person
may 20: delivery truck flew through crosswalk as i was walking, and driver slowed down to apologize. which was nice

may 21: laura hayes’ photo from dinner at caruso’s had so much joy in it, it gave me true hope 
may 22: started planning an epic return to concert-going
may 23: caramel swirl gelato 
may 24: have taken full advantage of the fact that my apple watch has been out getting repaired by hardly moving at all
may 25: sitting on a plinth in a park drinking coffee, and four dogs come running up to me at the same time

may 26: every time i hear rem’s man on the moon, i remind myself the movie was named after the song, not the other way around 
may 27: got watch back. guess i better start walking again
may 28: pre-work coffee and bagel with lockwood
may 29: the last 5 minutes of S2E6 of loudermilk includes a level of rationalization that has happened in my brain so many times, i am considering charging whoever wrote it rent for the time they've clearly spent hanging out in my brain
may 30: went for a 90-minute walk because i had a 90-minute podcast i wanted to listen to. stretched it into 100 minutes because after listening to the bill simmons podcast with adam duritz, i had to listen to mrs. potters lullabye

may 31: walked 7 miles and my hat did not deg saturated with sweat

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