Thursday, July 1, 2021

positivity journal 2021:6

there’s a lot of vaguery in here about how pleased i am with myself writing things. feel free to not care. 

jun 1: “leap, and the net will appear”
jun 2: toasted almond gelato with almond brittle
jun 3: decided not to walk today, then it rained
jun 4: probably should keep this to myself, but tfw you write something and hear second-hand that the second person to read it is an oscar-winning screenwriter (of a movie you definitely know) and her only note is that it’s “magnificent”
jun 5: air conditioning 

jun 6: new metric: i only walked about 1,000 steps (10% of goal), but i wrote almost 3,500 words (700% of a “good” day). will accept the tradeoff
jun 7: have been reading brandi carlile’s memoir and can't stop feeling like she and i could be pals
jun 8: bought concert tickets. relevant to my interests 
jun 9: “the daydream nations won’t come true. the ghosts you made up ghosted you”
jun 10: i’m a big fan of both amanda peet and christian slater, so imagine how pleased i was to find “dirty john” on netflix

jun 11: dinner on the roof
jun 12: was reading at the pool when an older guy sat near me. he started smoking, and i was going to move, but the i realized it made me think of my step grandfather, and i stayed
jun 13: bbq, in person, with friends
jun 14: “when i remember someone, i remember their dreams. in those dreams that no one know of, my destiny says that i’m destined to run”
jun 15: i hugged mollie moore and matt adler at exactly the same time, then saw all of gaby delgado’s face in person for the first time

jun 16: because i saw deb lindsay at nats game last night and we talked about bagels, i woke up and went to pearl
jun 17: it’s a comfort to know my intentions are good
jun 18: epic rooftop return of fried chicken friday @bowers superplex
jun 19: lap cat
jun 20: tfw you’re writing something and you don’t know where you’re going but then write a line that ties everything up in a way that makes more sense than you ever intended 
jun 21: having sushi with wayne at my regular restaurant, couldn’t remember the name of my favorite roll. waiter leans over from next table and says “candy cane”
jun 22: re-outline makes more sense 
jun 23: guy at knife shop saw my world central kitchen hat, asked me if i worked there, gave me a sweet discount when i told him i volunteered all last summer 
jun 24: ate inside a restaurant, with people, and there was laughter. and guinea hen
jun 25: secured lamb from craig rogers for 1 recipe test and realized i can do 3 with it, which is all of them

jun 26: we bought all the bourbon 
jun 27: vacation ends; my main plan was to write and i did about 12,000 words across 3 projects in 9 days. not shabby
jun 28: i sometimes put in commas for a pause, even if they are grammatically incorrect 
jun 29: it was hot, but not humid, so i read on the roof until it got dark
jun 30: the problem with opening a container of quicos is that it just results in an empty container of quicos because i can. not. stop

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