Saturday, May 1, 2021

positivity journal 2021:4

mostly cooking and cover versions

apr 1: it never gets easier, you just get better
apr 2: stevie nicks covered “free fallin,” and in it, she sings “he’s a bad boy, ‘cause he *doesn’t* even miss her,” and i was shook when i realized she was correcting tom petty’s grammar 
apr 3: went to store that sells my favorite soda and didn't buy any, displaying will power i didnt know i had
apr 4: i did not commit murder in my kitchen, i just made beets. reasonable mistake
apr 5: opened up the roof top to outdoor dining

apr 6: turns out i have complicated feelings about spam that i never wouldve guessed  
apr 7: the bluegrass cover of you shook me all night long is just a totally different experience    
apr 8: dose dos  
apr 9: learned you can stay in the room where billy joel wrote the turnstiles album. thinking about it 
apr 10: i had to test a french fries recipe for work so i spinach dip and dropped chicken fingers in the hot oil when the fries were done and turned it into a sports bar dinner 

apr 11: if you want to go look at cars, go right before the dealer closes   
apr 12:  ive been searching for a red wine that i can make good kalimotxa with, and i think i found it, and it is in a box and costs the equivalent of $5 a bottle  
apr 13: about a week before the anniversary of my first wck shift, went in for another. 
apr 14: if all there was was chinois chicken salad, i think i’d be ok with that

apr 16: takeout chicken wings
apr 17: im only selling these to people who will know what to do with them. update: this confidence was misplaced
apr 18: moments pass, and time moves on, but dreams remain just as long as they’re dreamers
apr 19: “did you intentionally write a teze to the hash story above the teze to the cannabis story?” update: it was not on purpose but i wish it had been
apr 20: i was thinking about tom rhodes and he texted me. i summoned him with my mind  

apr 21: matt adler showed me his not-yet-opened restaurant, and it felt like id already been there; in the best way   
apr 22: listened to nina blackwood on sirius, and to tease an upcoming song, she mentioned that it had been rated as the 17th-worst guitar solo of all time (def leppard, rock it)  
apr 23: dose dos + two weeks. i am invincible  
apr 24: made pizza from stuff in the fridge in about the time it would've taken to order one and pick it up  
apr 25: got all my work done on a huge section without working too late

apr 26: lara bush’s 13th anniversary of kicking cancer’s ass
apr 27: everybody wants to know you when you're the only one to know; new counting crows that i didnt know was getting dropped today!
apr 28: went on a 45-minute maskless walk that was officially ok as far as the cdc is concerned  
apr 29: the steelers top draft pick is a running back named najee jerome harris. so he shares names with two of my favorite steelers running backs, and almost with my cat. i approve  
apr 30: noticed gray water on top of sourdough starter, could not stop singing be our guest the rest of the day   

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