Thursday, April 1, 2021

positivity journal 2021:3


evidence that positivity is contagious in the neighborhood, and watching a lot of tv

mar 1: a block and a half from my house, there is a gratitude mailbox
mar 2: finally started watching ted lasso after hearing how great it was, and so far so good
mar 3: finally watched promising young woman after hearing how great it was, and it was
mar 4: today was the day that wayne lockwood admitted that the farmers market eggs i got him ruined him for supermarket eggs  
mar 5: the wedge salad from la betty is an amazing thing and i look forward to eating it there in person again. but takeout will suffice for now

mar 6: was going to cook but lawrence hollyfield called so we talked about cars for an hour and a half instead 
mar 7: talked to kid at farmers market that seemed to legit freak out that he was talking to someone who worked at the washington post. “i’m a total writing geek”
mar 8: went on a failed errand but ended up across the street from dealer of car lawrence told me i should look at. so i did
mar 9: had leftover hot&sour soup and leftover pasta, so mixed them and invented a new thing

mar 11: i meant to send valerie panou a happy birthday in the morning but totally forgot. then i was out walking in the evening, and "valerie" came on spotify, so i got in under the wire. so that's steve winwood two days in a row
mar 12: noticed a gratitude garden on my block
mar 13: went to look at used cars but got a new burrito instead 
mar 14: new microwave i bought fits perfectly in the microwave spot in my kitchen, which was not planned at all
mar 15: saying happy birthday to ronnie perkins took 2 1/2 hours

mar 18: i doubt there is direct cause and effect, but scott drewno made pierogi for my birthday and i was smart enough to preorder them a week ago before they sold out
mar 19: gator hammock swamp mustard on popeyes fried chicken 

mar 21: went to 3 stores looking for ingredients for an indian dish, with no luck, then went to indian grocery and they were all there. told that to the guy at register, and his voice cracked a little when he said thank you
mar 22: najah is good at reminding everyone of her treat schedule 
mar 23:
gif via @cackhanded

mar 24: saw a woman wearing a cynar jacket. she seemed shocked i knew what cynar was. i was shocked there are cynar jackets
mar 25: made kung pao tofu because i hadn’t cooked all week 

mar 26: finished one section, took a walk, finished another section 
mar 27: passed a little league game while walking with melanie starkey. stopped to watch. it was fascinating 
mar 28: watching tennis and martina navratilova just keeps talking about how horribly hot it is in miami and i just keep feeling smug
mar 29: guy stops me on the street, says "i bet you've never heard this song!" it was a rap song that i have definitely never heard. "you'd win!" i said. he laughed, harder than i expected
mar 30: i really, really, really like earning a mention in acknowledgements. h/t john woodrow cox 

mar 31: got chicken wings, and one of them was so big it didn't fit in the cup of blue cheese

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