Monday, March 1, 2021

positivity journal 2021:2

a lot of najah and maggie rose, which are not surprising, and work, that is, but just kinda

feb 1: it is the second anniversary of the first installment of this list. so this is the first post of what will be episode 26 by the time you read it. i'm surprised too 
feb 2: decided to skip dinner because i didn’t feel like cooking when i realized i had everything in the fridge for a couple of decent tacos that could be done in 10 minutes
feb 3: brought nocino to spike hot chocolate at a meet-up in a park. it was so sketchy
feb 4: wondered if maggie rose would see i mentioned her in a story. then my phone pinged that she followed me on twitter. took that as a yes. then her mom emailed me. i haven’t heard from jakob dylan tho
feb 5: dave grohl: "if it gets any better, it's gonna get worse." h/t geoff edgers

feb 6: went for a walk after midnight. when i woke up, most of my exercise numbers for the day were already met
feb 7: it’s nice to see akbar & jeff are getting cameo appearances on disenchantment 
feb 8: turning leftovers into reubens
feb 9: “everybody wants to be a cat, because a cat's the only cat, that knoooowws where it's at”
feb 10: was downtown early, so stopped in at bakery near office to buy something in hopes of bakery still being near office when we go back to office. it was delicious

feb 11: my boss thanked me for requesting time off. this is among the reasons i work where i work
feb 13: proud to know tara salmieri and see updates on her great projects and wish i was in position to help more
feb 14: watching maggie rose show streaming from nashville made me hopeful that going to concerts is something that will happen again
feb 15: opened a writing vein

feb 16: i love it when a tiny dog aggressively loses its mind at a giant dog and the giant dog doesn’t even seem to notice. this might be a metaphor. but also literally 
feb 17: managed to avoid commenting on many dumb posts, crossing the political spectrum 
feb 18: watched a scripted, fictional tv show that namechecked dan lebatard
feb 19: najah has been sleeping on my hip on fridays lately. how does she know it’s friday? i barely know it’s friday 
feb 20: a friend called me to help him solve a writing problem and i knew how because i JUST had the same problem and solved it

feb 21: it was cold out, so when i took a walk i wore a double layer of fleece gym shorts 

feb 27: stopped for chicken wings at zaxby while driving through north carolina. there are several keywords there that could sparks notifications in various text groups i’m in, but i didn’t say anything. i mean, til now
feb 28: got home and najah watched to see when i was going to sit down, and as soon as she saw me heading to the chair, she followed me and fell asleep on my lap

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