Sunday, November 1, 2020

positivity journal 2020:10


i'm not excited about this week, but here is last month

oct 1: bittersweet: last day working at the stadium. it was a great ride, though
oct 2: “optimism is the greatest form of rebellion”
oct 3: i have open group text threads in which the only topics are, separately, chicken wings, fried chicken and tacos
oct 4: wasn’t sure if maggie bowers would remember me. i assure you, she did
oct 5: walnut tacos

oct 6: a walk in the park on the chesapeake bay
oct 7: spent the day listening to van halen
oct 8: thousand island dressing is clearly the very best dressing
oct 9: sometimes survival is a victory 
oct 10: eating the first of a batch of bagels hot out of the oven

oct 11: just watched football all day. never left the house. not terrible 
oct 12: i kept a mistake out of the paper because of something i learned in sunday school like 40 years ago. that’s the first time that particular thing has happened 
oct 13: when i listen to billy joel, i never imagine the music video
oct 14: “we can wake up every morning/we can set ourselves on fire/we can do it all again”
oct 15: closed the "move" ring on my watch at 11:58 p.m.

oct 16: was out walking and a guy asked me what gang i was in. as i weighed the potential consequences of a funny answer, he laughed and said he was kidding 
oct 17: Sterling: "what are amphetamines?" Blair: "drugs that can go on land and water."
oct 18: made french toast with bread i made from my grandmother's dinner roll recipe
oct 19: haven’t used my ice cream maker in awhile, but someone asked to borrow it, so glad it got its reps in
oct 20: i saw a tv commercial in which they properly pronounced the word nausea. it was a moment 

oct 21: my vision in my left eye has improved by a half a diopter, whatever that means. so all that hard work is paying off
oct 22: voted in favor of the mushroom proposition. i will never not be in favor of mushrooms
oct 23: margo price and lukas nelson covering stop dragging my heart around for tom petty birthday bash
oct 24: grits for breakfast 
oct 25: went to supermarket and only bought things on my list

oct 26: wondered if it would open some weird time-space portal if i told alexa to play downeaster alexa
oct 27: walked past favorite ice cream place without buying ice cream. i DO have willpower 
oct 28: i think i am inadvertently, de facto, low-key life coaching a couple of friends and my god i hope it all works out
oct 29: woke up to the sound of rain
oct 30: saw a fed ex guy put his packages down on the ground so he could pet a very tiny puppy who very wanted petted. this account is now a fed ex guy stan

oct 31: i got a caramel apple without going trick or treating

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JTomlin said...

OK, so have I been pronouncing "nausea" wrong my whole life? I say it something like "NAW-zee-uh" though if somebody says "NAW-zhuh" then I definitely know which word it is.