Friday, October 2, 2020

positivity journal 2020:9

there's a lot of billy joel this month, and all the billy joel moments aren't even in here. same with najah
sep 1: i was thinking about lady gaga’s “you and i” and it came on. you might be surprised how often that kind of thing happens. i know i am
sep 2: i broke nail clippers trimming nail on my big toe. so my toenail is stronger than steel. yes, this list is weird
sep 3: after picking up food in drive thru, popeye's employee said "see you tomorrow." which, i mean, is not a bad idea
sep 4: for second week in a row, slack conversation with daniela galarza leads to weekend cooking project. this week: frangipane 
sep 5: late-night cherry frangipane tart delivery

sep 6: made old boca news salsa recipe (as best i remember it, but we actually have a copy of the recipe somewhere) with the tomatoes i canned, used it in breakfast burritos 
sep 7: was worried when parking lot at gettysburg was full, then happy when trails were empty 
sep 8: when billy joel’s for the longest time came on, guy next to me in assembly line started singing along. in spanish 
sep 9: learned there’s a zaxby’s within driving range
sept 10: meat loaf day is pretty easy

sep 11: the humidity disappeared 
sep 12: ikigai: the two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why
sep 13: eve evans randomly sent me a beloved family recipe, so i made it
sep 14: combination leftovers for dinner means i cleared 3 containers from freezer 
sep 15: 57 degrees when i got to the stadium 

sep 16: i think najah’s vet legit loves her
sep 17: “you want to have dinner in a tent on the sidewalk in the rain?”
sep 18: fried chicken friday
sep 19: walked past supreme court. so did a lot of other people 
sept 20: a week after i was supposed to watch brandi carlile at red rocks, i watched a stream of brandi carlile at red rocks from 2015

sep 22: reading rachel anderson's positivity journal posts
sep 23: i might've given up on the show "the boys" by now, but they keep dropping hilarious billy joel references. oh, and they added aya cash as one of the super-antiheroes
sep 24: there is a new puppy in our building. a tiny bulldog. her name is hoppy, and that is the correct name for her
sep 25: as soon as i finished work, najah jumped in my lap and stayed there for more than 2 hours

sep 26: walked around dupont circle and kalorama for 2.5 hours with chris white listening to him tell us about where various presidential dalliances took place
sep 27: replied to a tweet about a wine because it sounded interesting. jeremy bowers almost immediately responded to tell me we had it with dinner ... 12 years ago
sep 28: i don’t love red wine, but i always seem to like really, really, really expensive red wine (not related to sep 27, as it happens)
sep 29: walked 2 miles along the anacostia after plating 2,000 meals, all before lunch
sept 30: since deleting facebook app from my phone, my blood pressure has dropped


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