Wednesday, September 2, 2020

positivity journal 2020:8

not gonna lie. in a year of months that suck, august did its best to stand out as super suck, made worse by the fact that the next couple months will be a literal virtual cesspool of suck. 

 but, i mean, you can read about that in the post above this one, and the 15 below, which i get to on or around the 22nd. 

aug 1: i think i might be in the background of some lady’s cheesy congressional candidate ad. i do not endorse her, as far as i know
aug 2: almond extract 
aug 3: grace potter singing “stars” from the bridge of the starship enterprise 
aug 4: "oh, i know who you are"
aug 5: i feel that, ironically, there are a lot of answers in the song “don’t ask me why”

aug 6: bought horchata so i could put rum in it. the reverse will probably happen some day in future
aug 7: slack recognizes "guesstimate" as an actual word. it can't be, can it? 
aug 8: my watch sent me a message that said “it looks like you’re working out” and that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time 
aug 9: so many tomatoes
aug 10: got some cheese, crackers and salami and called it lunch. which i would not have done if at office. on day 152, i have found first net positive of this fiasco

aug 11: we were short at the stadium, and i worked a 5-person line with 2 other people, and it was seamless, like a dance
←aug 12: pam is rewatching ER. whenever i hear dr morganstern in a scene, what i really hear is frank gallagher. and it makes the show way more interesting 
aug 13: dropped everything to drive to falls church to get jars to can more tomatoes, which i picked up on the way home 
↓aug 14: “i’ve been counting up my karma and i think it’s time to cash it in”
aug 15: my watch says i got 1 minute of exercise today. i have no idea when that could’ve happened 


aug 16: lasagna sunday omg
aug 17: had to choose between watching maggie rose and maggie rogers. because of technology, actually watched both maggies
aug 18: broke out single malt scotch, because i knew anne ferguson-rohrer liked it. as always, i gasped as it vaporized my alimentary canal, which i also think she would find amusing 
aug 19: “it’s not our circumstance that create gratitude, but rather our perception of our circumstances”

aug 20: went to schedule next month's payment on credit card, found out my balance was $0. that was easy
aug 21: capn crunch is a nutritious part of a healthy dinner
aug 22: deleted facebook app from my phone in an act of self preservation 
aug 23: drove on carroll street to deliver tomatoes to my friend carol
aug 24: i’ve always liked birch beer, and always thought the flavor was familiar but i couldn’t figure out why. then it hit me. pepto bismol. i stand by all parts of this statement
aug 25: someone accidentally bumped into me. it’s been months since that happened and it was kind of great

aug 26: after doing some research, i think i like boulevardiers better than negronis. tho that is only effective for today
aug 27: i play a dumb game on my phone and am a member of a team, on which i have a teammate whose screenname is "huskymom," and i wonder if that's because of the mascot of the school where her kids go, or ... i mean, what else could it be i guess
aug 28: done with work at 8 pm on a friday. i'll take it
aug 30: went in to start writing something. found i already had

aug 31: gave myself a break

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