Tuesday, December 1, 2020

positivity journal 2020:11

the mostly turkey edition
nov. 1: i watched steelers play, and enjoyed it, but even when i thought they were going to lose, i was ok with it
nov. 3: watched jeremy bowers be an electoral college weatherman on the internet
nov. 4: while my colleagues spent the day holding a lantern for democracy, i spent the day editing thanksgiving pie recipes. we’re all our own kind of hero
nov. 5: i put nocino in my ovaltine for my best, most immature cocktail yet

nov. 6: dude walking with dog, off leash. dog sees me, loses mind, starts running at me barking. dude loses his mind, screaming at dog to stop. dog runs at me, i sti“remember that tough times don’t last; tough people do.ck out my hand. she rubs her nose all over my hand then lays down at my feet. dude looks at me. i can't believe you stuck out your hand for a dog that was running at you barking. i knew how the story ends
nov. 7: had a really bad dream, but looks like it ended
nov. 8: worked on a sunday for like the third time in 8 years, but it was totally worth it
nov. 9: sleepy najah started slipping out of my lap, caught herself, stood up, resituated, fell back to sleep, slipped, caught herself, etc, etc, for like 2 hours

nov. 12: delivered cookies to wayne lockwood in a late-night transaction in a park that probably looked weird if you didn't know everyone involved
nov. 13: twitter updates on sourdough laura michalski is making for me to use in thanksgiving stuffing
nov. 14: “the greatest work that kindness does to others is it makes them kind themselves”
nov. 15: started cooking thanksgiving

nov. 16: i had been sitting for several minutes when my watch informed me i had met my goal for standing
nov. 17: melanie starkey dropped a remarkable homage to the origin story
nov. 18: on anniversary of seeing sara barelleis in concert, spotify randomly dropped “orpheus” on me and i could not be more pleased
nov. 19: orchestrated the purchase of alcohol from 600 miles away
nov. 20: got shoes i bought on the internet and they fit. i did not see that coming

nov. 21: a microplane is a more efficient way to zest citrus, but i love using a zester and watching the oils expel as you pull it across
nov. 22: when nora simon and i exchange texts, it is almost exclusively “i made some (thing), do you want any,” followed by “yes.” either of us can initiate this exchange
nov. 23: i can butcher a turkey in 12 minutes
nov. 24: gravy
nov. 25: the guy at my seafood store is named gator

nov. 26: i try to just be thankful for something every day, but it’s nice there’s a day for it
nov. 27: started the day with an email that made it clear all the effort was worth it, but spent the day wrapping my head around it
nov. 28: gargantuan hot turkey wings
nov. 29: wayne lockwood gave me pink gin, which makes it easier to make pink drinks at home
nov. 30: you’ll have bad times, but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to

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