Monday, November 19, 2012

spaghettini with spicy artichokes and lobster

It's not that this was a particularly easy one, nor that it didn't involve any terribly interesting process.

It involved dispatching a lobster in my kitchen, which I did before here.

It involved the basic tomato sauce, which I did before here.

It involved making the spicy artichokes, one of my favorite things now, which I did before here.

It involved mostly normal ingredients, though the pasta shape was a LITTLE outside the norm. Sort of somewhere between spaghetti and angel hair. I could have used either of those. But I got the right thing when I was at Eataly. 

In the end, it was lobster, artichokes and pasta. There was really no place for it to go wrong. 

Up next: acorn squash sformato


Z. Marie said...

I totally should make this sometime during the year my husband is gone. (He won't eat lobster or artichokes.) I mean, how many times will I just be able to walk into any corner store and buy spaghettini?

jim webster said...

d'oh, of all the links, i forgot to link the recipe, which is on food network's site: