Friday, May 27, 2011

two-minute calamari, sicilian lifeguard style

I need to stop saying I don't like calamari. I guess I don't like the idea of calamari. I think because I used it as bait when I went fishing as a kid. But I've had it several times in restaurants, and the only times I haven't liked it was when it tasted fishy, and anytime that happened, I had reason to suspect the kitchen.

Still, I had never cooked with it.

So this was a first, and I loved it. Great dish.

The base is Israeli couscous, which is a pearl-shaped pasta. That gets hooked up with tomato sauce, pine nuts, currants and caperberries.

The two minutes in the title presumes your couscous is already cooked, but I'm willing to presume that. Once everything is mixed and heated up, throw in the calamari and get a spoon.

Up next: Not sure again. Either New York or tortellini.

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