Thursday, May 5, 2011

asparagus vinaigrette with black pepper pecorino zabaglione

Pretty easy one. I saw good looking asparagus at the market and knew this dish was out there, so grabbed them.

Looking at the photo in the book, I thought the sauce on the asparagus was going to be mayonnaise-y, even after I saw that it said "zabaglione" in the name.

But it isn't mayo, which is a combination of oil and eggs. This is combination of eggs and whipped cream. It's a custard. Flavored with Marsala.

Super simple, but the quick sherry vinaigrette and the zabaglione both made the asparagus better. And it was good to start.

Even if it wasn't mayo, there was some leftover, and for several days, it ended up on sandwiches I made.

Up next: asparagus and ricotta ravioli

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