Thursday, January 22, 2009

top chef 5, episode 9

super-sized episode. mmmmm. makes me want fries with that or something.

restaurant wars is almost always the episode where someone good gets sent home. just sayin.

okay, yes, padma, stephen starr is one hint, and the fact that there are eight people left was also a good hint. since that's when they do it.

"smells like a** and is kind of skanky." innnnnnteresting coming from her given the circumstances. and i like her. but she has a boyfriend.

hmmmm. organic and sustainable. seasonal. new american. globally influenced. yeah. no one is doing that.

i wonder who leah will pick first.

WOW! hosea. who'd'a thunk.

jeff and stefan the last two picks? that's kinda weird.

why do they have them do interior design? stupid.

ahhhhhh, stefan watched last season. no scented candles.

radikha is still learning to be a naturally born leader? what's wrong with that sentence?

so. hosea says stefan is looking for an opportunity to sabotage someone. did he see last week's episode?

stefan needed to bring more than the "i make great babies" t-shirt.

oooooooo, sequoias. they should be a sponsor.

club dildo beach is middle eastern. how about that.

that's so neat how the sequoia does whatever it did that i didn't see. but they were impressed.

ok, so hosea and leah's teammate went home last week because she hacked up the meat. and tonight ... that poor fish.

carla sucks at getting things to freeze.

note to self: do not order the monkey a** in empty clam shell at fabio's restaurant. even if its suposed to be good.

i'm going to stop predicting that carla is going home. i don't care how bad it looks for her.

"hopefully it will go ok" is always a good strategy. good luck, leah.

well, stefan is safe.

fabio and stefan are going to save hosea and leah, i think.

they did. wow. well, hosea was safe anyway. they liked the short rib.

wow. carla is totally insane. off the charts. certifiable. wow.

hard to say.

i have decided carla will survive a nuclear holocaust. sheesh.

oooooo, is that scott conant as the guest next week? cool.


Anonymous said...

So, so sorry they didn't send Leah to the glue factory. Listen, you f***ing little narcissist: You think chefs don't wake up every day pissed off, angst-ridden, depressed, whatever? If they're professionals, you know what they do? They suck it up and get the job done because PEOPLE ARE DEPENDING ON THEM. If that's a problem for you, QUIT.

God I hate phonies. Seriously, this is one reason Stefan rules: There's no pretense there.

And Jim: Good plan there on Carla. I was absolutely certain she was going to get the boot, even when they spent five minutes laying into Radhika. I should know better by now.

jim webster said...

the thing i hate about the restaurant wars episode is the possibility that someone will go home without cooking. seems unfair to me. but in the past, the front of house person still managed to cook something. a couple of years ago, if i recall, they were going to bounce either bryan or dale because both were hosts and it was determined they both sucked at it. but they sent home neither, redid restaurant wars the next episode, and sent home tre, which i still think is the most egregious elimination in the show's history. that or sam in season 2. but at least that was in the final. tre was eliminated WAY too early.

Anonymous said...

I was sort of torn on that, too. In the end I was okay with Radhika being dumped because she was SO joyless and ineffectual. But man, Carla's desserts ... I almost wonder if what saved Carla is that her food, though the worst on the losing team's, wasn't actually the WORST, period. She's such a loon that I'm glad she's sticking around a little longer.

Laura said...

Crazy Carla escapes elimination AGAIN!!! Okay, so this week her's wasn't the food I most wanted to try. But she sent out the love - I'm used to only getting infatuation with my food.

Some ideas for spinoffs:
- Top Hostess (Fabio!)
- Top Cheaters
- Top Scallop (suggested by Jim earlier - wasn't there ANOTHER freaking scallop this week?).

I have to say I've been disappointed with Club Dildo Chef Jeff. His confidence, organizational skills and creativity really shined at first, but the last few episodes his food just sucked. I want to see him step it up.

AND please, no more freaking trios.

My spouse asks (after we went to a beer tasting/pairing dinner the other night), do they/have they ever done challenges to pair wine or beer with food? Seems like something a chef should know how to do. Also seems like something they could do one of their blatent sponsorship things with.

Heading to the Whole Foods to buy some love,