Thursday, January 15, 2009

top chef 5, episode 8

i am predicting crazy carla is toast tonight. but i am basing that on nothing other than the sheer optimism in my soul.

i think stefan is going to fall hard. at some point. maybe not tonight.

its not fish. sorry fabio.

what a bunch of arrogant twits. its a can. it happens. deal.

mmmm, tots. whoever that was wins, far as i'm concerned.

whoa. conch. not tots. shame.


meh. stefan.

i think fabio just picked his nose.

the whole stefan-jamie blowup was shown on the previews last week. it was practically in complete context. so manufactured.

alan will be happy to see dan barber.

wasn't it christmas in new york two weeks ago? sure looks nice at the farm.

oh stefan. you're so clever. you're also the only dick.

what's up with radikha. she seems upset, but there seems to be no indication why. weird.

yeah, if you're roasting lamb, it should be in the oven.

ah, its fine.

uh-oh. ariane is in trouble.

carla is safe.

everybody wins! how kum-ba-ya.

hmmmm. they seem to hate everyone. i think its ariane, tho.

toby hall is going to kill this show. he wants to have "unprotected sex" with the pork? really?

well, starting to turn toward leah. maybe just for drama.

i sort of feel bad for ariane. i thought she should've been dumped in week 2-3, then i started liking her. shame.

wow. hopefully leah and hosea will just sleep together on the counter next week and get it over with.


Anonymous said...

Gee Jim, how'd ya know? Yes, very happy. But also kinda depressed, because seriously, what a waste. With all that beautiful meat and produce, that's the best they could come up with? Corn and bacon salad? Roasted potatoes? Even the stuff they liked seemed fairly mundane.

I also feel bad for Ariane. I can't help feeling she got hosed by her lovey-dovey teammates. It wouldn't surprise me if the unaired footage included Leah and Hosea groping in a corner somewhere while Ariane slaved over that lamb. Screw 'em -- I'm actively rooting for one to go home next week.

jim webster said...

the thing with hosea and leah is that i like them each individually, but i could care less about them collectively. so i just root for them to focus.

Anonymous said...

I liked them too. But to basically exclude Ariane from the decision-making and treat her like a fifth wheel, hand off to her the most challenging task so you can spend time making googly-eyes at each other, then throw her under the bus so you can hang around and make more googly-eyes at each other ... there's a term for that kind of move involving a vulgarity I won't use here.

I don't mean to make excuses for Ariane though. She obviously needs to work on her butchering skills. I really felt sorry for that lamb.

David Dust said...

All that Hosea and Leah dry-humping is getting old.

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Anonymous said...

By the way: Still rooting for Stefan. I know he's an a**hole, but he's certainly not coasting, and he seems to be enjoying himself. With some of the others it's hard to tell.

Laura said...

The thing about Crazy Carla is that she cooks the food I'd probably most want to eat every week. She doesn't have a chance in hell, but she's my underdog pick.

Arian did get hosed. And since when do they really base JUST on that challenge and not past performance? I've heard them decide to keep people cuz they just had a bad night or whatever.

I'm gonna say Stefan, Jeff and Crazy Carla in the finals.

jim webster said...

technically and officially, they are supposed to judge soley on that episode's performance. but they actively ignore than when it suits them.