Thursday, January 29, 2009

top chef 5, episode 10

ahhhhh, no more kissing. that's good.

hey, an italian chef, so fabio is safe. that's not a stereotype.

"there is no reason to eat vegetables when there is meat and fish around." well played, fabio.

looks like oats are a sponsor, possibly. not sure.

creativity monkeys ... HUSH.

carla likes working with nuts. i wonder how people who work with carla feel about working with nuts.

lotta oat-crusting going on.

stefan is going to fall hard one day. i sense it.

they are not all stars. they were mostly the dufuses.

for anyone who didn't watch season 1, andrea was famous for discussing -- at length -- how her food would feel just as good leaving your body as entering it. just saying. let's see if that comes into play.

i don't remember camille. at all.

carla v. andrew. the two most insane contestants ever. interesting.

wow. carla feels "crazed" every challenge. she hides it so well.

i wonder if josie has ever eaten at club dildo.


didn't fabio talk about cooking monkey a@@ last week?

i've liked leah up to now. but i'm on board with not liking her much now. she seems like she doesn't understand why she's there.


no fish. leah lucked out.

i bet miguel has never stopped talking since season 1. i like that they call him chunk.

a 20-minute gumbo. that should be ... ummmm ... ok flop. good word. no? hmmm. ok.

pork and ny strip steak? why was that in the dallas cooler? wow! stefan only one facing elimination so far.


"chee ah pino"? seriously? if you're from san fran, you would know it is "chip-eno."

i'm not sure what the value in being on the winning team is. i guess we'll see.

ugh. poor jeff.

i'm guessing fabio is gone. scott and tom seemed upset about the venison.


is jamie channelling isis?

sigh. this is only going to make carla crazier.

oh crap. carla is in tampa. watch out.

i'll be upset if its jeff. either of team euro is ok with me.

still thinking fabio.

hmmmm. didn't even mention stefan in discussion. guess he's safe.

argh. i haven't seen anything of fabio that makes me think he's all that good, and have seen several things from jeff that looked great. and they seemed to HATE fabio's. i don't get it.

oooooo, ripert next week. let the swooning begin. with alan, in all likelihood.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

... And did Toby call Ripert Obi-Wan Kenobi in the preview? That might be the first funny thing he's said on the show.

jim webster said...

i couldn't decide if the obi-wan comment was sarcastic, tho. it didn't sound all too genuine to me. maybe because he's british.

h said...

They were SUPER ALL STARS. In the sense that they were currently unemployed, living in New York, readily available, and desperate for attention.

Anonymous said...

Yep, readily available was pretty much what I was thinking.

I'm disappointed they booted Jeff. There's just no way Fabio is a better chef, and during the tasting the judges seemed far more put off by his desiccated venison. He's more certainly colorful though.

Crazy Carla in Tampa ... hadn't occured to me until you mentioned it. No wonder I've been feeling so much love lately.

Melanie said...

I am devastated about Jeff. I thought for sure it would be Jeff, Stefan and Jamie in the finale. Also, did anyone else notice when Jeff said that this loss is going to haunt him for a decade? Guy could probably stand to lighten up a little. I'd go to Cafe Dildo or whatever it is if I happened to be in Miami, though.

Revised Top 3: Stefan, Jamie and Hosea, although whatever Hosea cooks will bore me and then completely escape my memory.

Speaking of boring: It's well past time for Leah to go. Does she ever have any ideas for her dishes?

Final thought: Hootie-hoo, bitches! I'll order a plateful of crazy over Hosea and Leah every time.

Laura said...

This is a week late on last week's episode - but GO CRAZY CARLA, GO! And what a huge prize. Wonder if she wishes she'd gotten a signed book?

And I felt awful for Jeff. Totally thought he was going all the way. I'm totally in for a trip to Cafe Dildo.