Thursday, January 8, 2009

top chef 5, episode 7

i was starting to forget top chef existed. maybe that was their christmas present.

related to nothing: think i'm having lunch at tom's 'wichcraft friday afternoon. we'll see.

where is melissa a chef that she didn't know about pressure? i don't want to eat there.

uh-oh. hosea sounds comfortable. kiss o' death.

never heard of guest judge. radhika has tho. that's good.

i like jeff, but i understand why no one else does. so droll.

five minutes in: no references to team euro, but FIVE references to diet dr. pepper. hmmmm.

carla: bananas won't freeze, so i'll saute them. that'll show 'em.

melissa has a "specialty of the moment." wow.

HEY! there's a dr pepper!

euro suck up.

hosea's plate looked like a disaster.

did he refuse to try ariana's? wowza.

eugene should be drinking a diet dr pepper while talking on the t-mobile sidekick.

i've had diet dr. pepper. i like diet dr pepper. i sort of never want another one.

wow. "i won, and as my prize, i don't want to be anywhere NEAR stefan." nice.

so, radhika: you have a dish that EVERYONE loves ... and you roll it out when you have immunity? serious?

look at all of those whole foods shoppers in shorts, and just two weeks after "christmas."

HA. "Top Scallop" would be a good spinoff.

eugene, i am starting to think, is totally delusional.

i'm trying to figure out if there is a concern of incest on the real housewives of orange county. but i don't care that much.

stefan is wearing the "i make good babies" t-shirt again? please.

wow. they get to watch the critique. awkward.

ok, so, maybe radhika picked EXACTLY the right week for her signature soup.

leah, leah, leah. "i'm making something i've never made before"? people who say that are 0-3 so far this season. hello. or, goodbye.

yeah jamie, it has worked so well for you to assume you won so far.

so the show is going to devolve into a contest to see what the nastiest comment toby is going to make is. great.

i hope ariane wins again. just to see jamie's face when it happens.

could happen ....... doh. they told him to pick her. he liked ariane better.

hey. there are a bunch of cases of diet dr pepper in the stew room. wonder if they are a sponsor or something.

eugene: "hi judges. i'm sorry that i am too creative for you. i will try to dumb it down for you in the future." that should work.

so, my prediction is ... i don't care who stays. whichever two go deserve it.

i liked eugene at the start, but he has worn me down. he seems to think he is better than he is. that bores me. see ya. and i think carla will be gone soon enough.

"when the booze is gone, its time to move on," right. all that is left is the diet dr pepper.


Laura said...

1. The quickfire
Weren't the dishes supposed to be healthy, not just made without sugar? All that fried stuff should have been called out.

2. It's funny how Arian makes something so simple every week I could have made it, and sometimes it dooms her (the deviled eggs) and sometimes they all think it's marvelous (the skate fish - seriously - she cooked a fish and put some carmelized pinapple on top).

3. Glad to see Melissa and Eugene go. How exactly do you eat a big fried fish family style? Pass it around and one person cuts off the head for themself, the other the tail? I really didn't understand what he had going on there. I thought the fish tacos looked pretty. I think they were a bit rough on Melissa about her lack of creativity.

4. I still like Crazy Carla.

5. Diet Dr. Pepper ticks me off cuz they have all those yummy flavors, but not a single one Splenda sweetened (I'm intolerant to aspartame - so whomever used that drink in their dessert would have made me sick).

Anonymous said...

Weird, I thought I posted something; I guess I goofed. Try again ...

Excellent point about Ariane. The problem with the deviled eggs wasn't that they were poorly executed but that they were boring. And fried fish with brown butter and pineapple isn't? I dunno, maybe using skate made it seem more adventurous?

The new judge ... meh. Some of his snark seemed a bit labyrinthine. Kinda dulled the impact.

When Eugene was eliminated, I couldn't help muttering, "Bye, schmuck."