Thursday, December 11, 2008

top chef 5, episode 5

i still don't know everyone's names, but i think i know them all by personality by now.

did stefan's shirt say "i make good baby"?

wow. this quickfire is way harder than the old taste test.

radikha couldn't get curry ingredients. interesting.

hosea "out-palated" stefan. i love made-up words.

please please please please send manscape home. please? he's a freakin' cartoon.

wow. everyone is making radikha cook indian food.

nothing on the "new" team makes sense together. bbq sauce? for what? yuzu sorbet?

with every second he is on the screen, i become more adamant that manscape must leave. what a buffoon. as long as it's someone else's idea, its a great idea. goof.

i mean, technically, on that count, he's right, of course.

i hate these sexual tension commercial breaks.

yes, colicchio is the pope. sure.

ok, last week, i forgot to mention, when pam saw jeff's lines, she said, "did that say he works at club dildo?"

two words for the idea of DIY sushi: crash, burn

OH GOOD! a surprise! everyone just loves surprise mushrooms! bye bye manscape.

does anyone see sushi in there? anywhere?

thank you dana.

that is a whole lotta carrot puree.

ariane scores again! the lamb is perfect! yay!

doesn't look blue. at all.

actually, blue and yellow come out green, fabio, not yellow and green make blue. close. but they bought it, i guess. if you take the yellow out of the green, it is blue. but it isn't like you put any two of them together and get the third. i don't think that's how it works. any refractologists out there that can clear this up?

the all boys team and the all girls team are the winners. interesting. speaks poorly for the benefits of sexual tension.

wow. they love the sorbet. stefan looks like he just got castrated.

aw, poor jeff. he thought he won. i bet they love sorbet at club dildo.

why did jamie think she won? no one said they loved the puree. no one even mentioned the puree.

you have to be kidding. "no one expected anyone but me to win"? serious? all i kept hearing was about the tomato sorbet and the lamb. let's see ... going through notes ... she cooked ... neither of those. hmmm.

ohhhhhh!!!! manscape falls on sword, gets up, falls on it again, gets up FALLS ON IT AGAIN! PLEASE put him out of our misery.

no no no no ... keep eugene. 86 manscape! please!!!!!

ooooo, tom whips out the "i'd love to send all three of you home" line. for dessert, a trio of crushed ego.

YAY!!!!! bye manscape!!!!! see ya!! can you please shave?

um, dude, you are allowed to grab the back of barry sanders' jersey. that's how tackling works, most often. apparently, he doesn't understand ANYTHING.

oooooo, michy on the previews! love her. can't wait till next week.


Melanie said...

I actually did feel bad for Jamie. I think they did comment on her carrot puree having a nice flavor (secret spice?), and the whole dish was really her concept. If you go by the theory that the team leader takes the praise and blame, shouldn't it have been Jamie to win and Eugene to go? TC seems to go back and forth over how much rides on the team leader.

Personally, I think Bravo is editing to make the winner and loser look like a surprise so we'll blog about it the next day.

Laura said...

Wish we could have watched that one together to cheer when manscape got booted.

Sorry, I just don't feel bad for Jamie. She didn't get sent home - she's upset why?

Arian is looking good in every episode. And it's hard not to like her. But is she really a creative cook? She keeps getting recognized by pretty much cooking some meat properly. I could do that. Not saying I don't like her, just trying to figure out who the big leader is right now.

And why in the heck did Crazy Carla not speak up about those mushrooms being added to her salad?

Manscape deserved to go - but Eugene came up with a concept to have people assemble a dish and then FORGOT to tell them to assemble it? Really, why can't they just send two people home?

Anonymous said...

Got through a Top Chef marathon yesterday; I'm finally caught up. I don't have much to add to what's been said except that I think I'm gonna root for Stefan. I've always been partial to talented assholes.

jim webster said...

funny thing about stefan is that, historically, caterers have been the subject of much eye rolling from the "real" chefs on the show, and summarily dismisses early. but for some reason, stefan is seen as a favorite to win and widely feared. i suspect it is all because of his sttitude.