Thursday, December 18, 2008

top chef 5, episode 6

ok, we're to the point that it should start getting interesting. there is really no one left that just sucks or is totally annoying. maybe i'll change my mind by the end of the episode. i mean, ariane seems to be performing over her head and carla is a nut job.

i don't care about team euro. stop it. stop it.

i wonder if maybe t-mobile is a sponsor or something. its sort of unclear in this very personal hosea moment. and the new t-mobile sidekick. which has a slide-y thing. and would make a great gift.

i think the tall blonde chick is out of her league, too. i forget her name. and i'm not looking them up anymore. she is just the tall blonde chick.

oh please. martha stewart. everyone is SO impressed. snore. maybe the winner will get that martha stewart cookbook she is holding.

yeah, she cooks like that ALL the time. or, at least her staff is instructed to cook like that all the time. or they will be killed.

h, paella in 45 minutes. good luck, hosea.

i have never mistaken potatoes for cauliflower. ever. never ever. not once.

i can't decide if fabio is kind of charming or totally annoying. maybe both.

melissa. ok, tall blonde chick is melissa.

martha picks mushrooms. yeah. sure.

ok, you can do paella in 45 minutes, apparently. way to go hosea.

expecially? come on, jamie. sigh.

so, how did ariane make the steak in the same pot she made the puree? hmmmmmm.

see, fabio addressed the issue. first the polenta, then the duck breast.

i'm ok with corn starch. i'm not a mom or a grandmother. but i'm ok with it. it's reasonable.

ET A BOOK! shocking.

wow. ariane is practically undefeated. who saw that coming. i still don't believe she did it in one pot.

martha can't stay around for the elimination. probably has mushrooms to pick, no doubt.

ooooo, well-known celebrities. none of those celebs hardly anyone knows. that's big.


ok, i guess there are 12 people left.

so, the cheese is from the milking maid? i guess?

none of them are really hitting their theme. i mean, some, just barely. the others, not at all.

what a special holiday episode. everyone pitching in like that. i think i'm going to cry. remember, this was august. they are totally pretending on the christmas thing.

excuse me, got to go text: C C C C C C C C C

i saw the fridge door open as they left, but i didn't think it was for real. seems like a set up.

natasha richardson's boobs will definitely pop out before the end of the episode. at least one, i'm positive.

uh-oh. sounds bad for gene

crab cake a TOTAL reach in theme. and apparently, not very good.

sounds like jamie doesn't need to worry about winning this week.

ooohhhhhhhhh, maids, cows. ok. i was thinking cheese. so was michy.

so everyone loves the two that were victims of the fridge disaster. interesting.

what is a "fair share" of girls? how many is "fair?"

hmmmm, boobs almost totally covered at judges table. still a red dress. can't be the same one, tho. OH! i bet they DID fall out. stupid editing.

HA! she prefers legs to breasts. on ducks, anyway. interesting. she was sure showing the breasts earlier.

michy has a book! i didn't know that. hmmm, just a week until christmas. just sayin.

i have no idea how they are leaning. i send melissa. she seems weak.

"wow" says melissa. wow, indeed. wow. merry august, everyone! i think they did this once before, and that they sent two home the next week. i think before, tho, it was a restaurant wars, and it would have been unfair to send anyone home on that first show. this time, they just got all caught up in the spirit of august in new york, i guess, while wearing red and pretending its christmas. they easily could have justified sending any one home.

here's my theory: jamie was the worst, and they felt her past performance merited another shot. they didn't want to send jamie home, but they also didn't want to send someone home that didn't actually have the worst dish. it's crazy, but it's my theory.

previews: i forgot there was a new judge. hmmm.


Anonymous said...

I really think Gene would have been the one to go. Jamie's dish may have been worse, but Gene's attitude would have clinched it. Michy looked like she wanted to blow his head up with her mind.

It troubles me that these chefs -- CHEFS, mind you -- seemed more in awe of Martha Stewart than they were a few weeks ago of Grant Achatz.

Anonymous said...

Toby Young, that's the new guest judge. He's a British restaurant critic; he also wrote "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People." And that sums up what I know about Toby Young.

jim webster said...

excellent point on martha v. grant. i hadn't thought of that, but you're right. imagine if grant had walked in last season when richard was there, tho. richard would've melted. assuming they didn't already know each other, which is possible.

Laura said...

"there is really no one left that just sucks or is totally annoying." Am I watching a different show?
- Jamie with her exasperation every time she doesn't win? (She may not have said a lot about it this week, but you could see it in her face).
- Arian's starting to get to me with her modesty. I'm not buying it anymore. Glad she got called out on those eggs.
- Hosea with the flirting
- Gene's arrogant, and seemingly not a great cook.
* I still like Crazy Carla.

Wondering how tall blonde chick even got on the show.

I'm also not buying that all of those were made with just one pot. And I'm down with the cornstarch, too.

Funny how Radhika's dish had Indian flavors again, huh?

Also funny how Jeff talked about pushing the envelope and all the many levels he was putting in his dish, but when it was done it was pretty much, what, like a salad and a protein? Did I miss something?

jim webster said...

no one is blowing me away, but none of them seem like they have no business being there, in my opinion. in star trek parlance: i see no red shirts. i think they have eliminated all the right people to this point.

that said, i have no strong feeling about anyone as a favorite. i don't see anyone as good as a casey, or a sam, or a tre, or a richard. none of whom, it bears pointing out, won their seasons. we'll see.

i have thought some of the stuff jamie has made looked good, but there are attitude issue there. but they aren't huge.

it's kind of fun to watch and feel a little superior. i'm sure that will get old, but for now, it works.