Thursday, December 4, 2008

top chef 5, episode 4

fyi: i'm still going to the web site to get these people's names. i think i don't really know the contestants until we get down to about 9-10.

oh yeah. team rainbow. yeah, its so sad. please. she's the only one who knew how to cook. maybe that why she's still here.

the rocco renaissance continues. good for him. reality tv ruined him. now its bringing him back.

hmmmm. never had an amuse at breakfast. but i know i don't want zucchini flowers for my breakfast amuse.

mmmm. espresso pudding.

did carla do a breakfast amuse? hosea? gene? did people just sleep in? am i not paying enough attention?

ok, alex has never watched top chef. dessert is a free pass? ask tre. ask many, many people who went home for dessert.

carla looks like a video game character.

manscape is "charismatic." sure.

ok, i haved complained that next food network star spent too much time making tv stars and not cooks. and that they have copied the top chef format. but this elimination is straight out of that show. somewhere, bob tuchsman is giggling.

jeff came out of the gulf of mexico?

ba ba boey?

charm? personality? manscape? serious?

yay ariane! again. i think jeff's looked best. but i see where ariane's dish would be popular. what jeff said about 4 ladies with unsophisticated palates in the morning is right, but that's the game sometimes. wow kathie lee looks like she is 300 years old. would've been nice to have ANY IDEA why she was spitting it out. in the past, when someone spits, we've been told why. i suspect her dentures rattled.

melissa didn't throw alex under the bus. the judges tried to take it there, so clearly they know that alex has issues with wanting to be there.

HEY! we're 54 minutes in, and no one has told tom how hot and hunky he is. what's up with that?

oh good. sexual chemistry. that's what this show is about. ha. then again, even the rainbow guy can't stop talking about leah's rack. these chef's coats are not flattering, apparently. and that was a teze to make me watch commercials. nice.

i don't even care who they send home between melissa and alex.

that made sense. but wait, i thought dessert was a free pass? oh right, only among people who have never seen the show.

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Laura said...

I'm late on this episode, but Arian is really kinda looking good, huh? Her dish did seem quite simple, but they quite simply told them they were looking for quite simple. She's there to cook, not put on a show. I'm starting to like that.

And really, what is the name of the restaurant Jeff works at? Now I'm giggling every time I see it.

I found out this week that a friend of a friend of a friend knows Leah. No comments on her rack, though.

I"m a tad under-the-weather, I think Wednesday's challenge needs to be for them all to make me some chicken noodle soup (which I don't like, so that should be especially challenging).

I'm hoping to be able to keep track of their names and styles of cooking without looking them up soon.