Friday, May 1, 2020

positivity journal 2020:4

you'll notice a couple of blank spots. it's a sign of the times. it's not that it was a bad day, just that i didn't write anything down in real time, and remembering things that happened on specific days is a superpower that expired 6 weeks ago

apr 1: free sirius xm offer coincides with billy joel channel
apr 2: the crack formed between two fingers because of all the hand washing healed enough that it hurts less when i type now. man this list is getting weird 
apr 3: 
apr 4: as i got home from walk, love lies bleeding started, so i took another lap
apr 5: “never don’t listen”

apr 6: “i’ll allow the burn”
apr 7: i can’t decide whether i find it hilarious when i see a pigeon pecking at a discarded piece of fried chicken, or terrifying 
apr 8: it’s interesting to watch an episode of arrested development after an episode of ozark
apr 9: “so to sum up: you’re never going home, your god is dead, and taco tuesday is ON”
apr 10: nocino affogato

apr 11: saw a guy ride a bike up to a parked car for what was clearly a curbside delivery on fifth street where there are no businesses. and it looked like there was contact 
apr 12: matt adler told me the cart i loaned him has specifically helped move close to 5,000 meals to people who need them
apr 13: crunchy rice pearls from nama
apr 14: figured out how to get coca-cola without going to grocery store 
apr 15: i love watching songland and seeing the songwriters watch the artists workshop their songs in front of them. they always make the same face, and i know the feeling

apr 16: comedian on zoom made me understand why i’ve never considered myself a “cat person” despite evidence to the contrary 
apr 17: if you can type 10 words into a social media platform that will make someone feel better, even if you don’t know them, just do it
apr 18: sourdough pancakes on point

apr 21: i was jealous of all the good work my cart was doing at world central kitchen, so i went down to join in, and found a way to make a habit of it
apr 22: billie eilish twitter concert
apr 23: last week i watched some movie that iliza shlesinger had a supporting role in. i thought she ate every scene she was in, and tonight found her stand up special called elder millennial, and she’s a riot
apr 24: on grocery run, decided to buy 2 bottles of prosecco. this is how i learned my drivers license expired 
apr 25: watched forensic files and there was an episode i haven’t seen before. whoa

apr 27: 
apr 28: was disappointed volunteer shift ran short, but it ran short because we were so efficient. weird to list a disappointment here, but it actually makes sense 
apr 29: grilled cheese with cherry jam 
apr 30: it was raining but i walked anyway

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