Wednesday, April 1, 2020

positivity journal 2020:3

i know, right?

i skipped march 17, because that was the day the restaurant industry disintegrated, and for a lot of days, i simply acknowledge the preponderance of birthdays of some of my favorite people all bunched up at the end of the month. but, here is this, anyway
mar 1: driving through north carolina, chose dinner location based on the number of pink neon pig silhouettes on the front of the shack
mar 2: the time on tonight’s walk home was wind-aided
mar 3: i can guess the convention going on inside by the food trucks outside 
mar 4: "freelance curator"
mar 5: restaurant's lack of duck becomes a running joke through dinner

mar 6:  kalimotxo, except with lambrusco and dr pepper
mar 7: started recipe testing next big idea
mar 8: waiting at bus stop, a protest march goes by on pennsylvania ave. they are all wearing purple. cameras everywhere. i look down and realize my jacket is the same purple. this was not how i expected my career to end
mar 9: for whatever reason, najah has started sleeping on my hip again
mar 10: woman jogging toward me as i walk down sidewalk. she passes delivery dude returning to his truck, who affixes his gaze to her long past the extent of an admiring glance, entering the realm of creepy leer. so i stop and do the same to him. i know i made him uncomfortable, but i don't think he knew why i was doing it. so i won half the battle

mar 11: celebrating valerie panou
mar 12: fake campari
mar 13: celebrating ken preuss
mar 14: "alexa, play onerepublic"
mar 15: celebrating ronnie perkins

mar 16: celebrating susan marzano
mar 17: i don't know, man. this was a bad day. pass
mar 18: takeout general tso's, kung pao, hot-sour, potstickers and egg rolls
mar 19: video conference comedy show
mar 20: maggie rose concert live on the internet from someone’s basement 

mar 21: i haven't worn socks in like 4 days and don’t know if i can go back to a world where i have to
mar 22: celebrating scott long and sean daly. independently. or collectively. however works
mar 23: i'm not petting any dogs when i take a lap around the hood, but it makes me happy when they strain their leashes trying to come see me. and a little sad, tbh
mar 24: neighborhood restaurant tweets they have csa boxes from a local farm. 20 minutes later, i have a csa box from a local farm
mar 25: celebrating jennifer wright

mar 26: christian slater in a movie i wasn’t expecting him to be
mar 28: wrote a story that took either 12 years or 30 minutes, depending on how you look at it
mar 29: just got out and drove around. man, the bar has changed
mar 30: picking up schlow burgers from michael schlow

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