Monday, December 17, 2012

swordfish involtini

I was itching to cook something. It had been awhile. What was in the book that I was sort of eager to make, that had almost no chance of being bad and wouldn't require a ton of running around for ingredients.

Swordfish involtini.

Having a well-stocked kitchen, the only thing i needed to buy other than the fish was some olives. And that was only because it called for gaeta olives. I almost always have olives on hand, but not necessarily gaeta. I'm still not sure whether what I got were gaeta, but they were small, and they were olives. Done.

Involtini are just thin slices of fish that get rolled up with some bread crumbs. Then they get cooked in tomato sauce. (In the photo, it looks like I could've used more tomato sauce, but it seemed fine.)

About 20 minutes, and dinner's ready.

What's next?

Up next: big-eye tuna

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