Friday, January 1, 2010

mazzaro's, dec. 31

hey, wait a minute.

so, i went to mazzaro's to pick up some pancetta on thursday, and while they were cutting it to my exacting standards, i looked in the deli case and saw this! and without a credit, even!

not mad. i probably wouldn't have won if mazzaro's hadn't let me stand out front on a saturday morning and shill for votes. but, i have to say, if i had named mine "bacon-wrapped pork roulade sausage stuffed," i suspect there is exactly ZERO chance i would have won.

i wonder if they used orange-fennel sausage. i doubt it.

anyway, below is the original pig-wrapped, pig-stuffed pig. award winning, btw.


Alan said...

I think yours looks better.

jim webster said...

i would not normally say something like this, but, yeah, its actually not really all that close, is it?

Philip said...

Yikes, not sure how to respond. I guess imitation is a compliment?