Monday, November 3, 2008

megapost postponed

so, when i do the post re-capping today, i want to do it right, and i am exhausted and have a plane to catch in the morning. so for the time being, i put up a brief synopsis on the step blog (click here), which is worth going over to look at if only for the ap photo that is on there (i can't legally run it here, but i could run it there since the paper subscribes to ap.) but the truth is, that photo sums it all up, right there. mario batali taking a picture of rachael ray leaning up against me with a pair of tongs.

yup, that was my weekend. more to come. very, very sleepy.


Ronnie said...

Oh my gosh, that AP photo is so cool! And I like that hat too. I suspect you'll have that blown up and on your wall very soon. I hope you got a short video clip on your digital camera of Mario eating and evaluating your pig! Congrats again and again!!!

jim webster said...

not sure what we have video of yet, but pam took like 170 photos (yay, digital!) yesterday, and some of those are video clips. but the whole day was intensely amazing.

Anonymous said...

I find your affection for Rachael Ray supremely disconcerting. But I'm thrilled for you anyway, of course. And yeah, that photo rocks in ways that few things rock. Can't wait to see more.