Friday, October 17, 2008

spoiler alert: I WON!

so, i haven't seen it yet, but i called my good retired miami friend bvs, and he held the phone up to the tv while they announced the winner ... and it was me! at least it sounded like it was me. i guess i won't know for sure until i watch it at 2.

(if you are taping and want to fast forward to me winning, it will be on at about 35 minutes past the hour. this way, you can sucker bet your friends at the bar.)

so, here is what i know, in addition to a year's worth of paper towels and a week's worth of uncle ben's rice (i like my rice), and a bunch of kitchen stuff, now pam and i will be going to fort worth, texas, to attend a nascar race, but more importantly, cook at a tailgate party with mario and rachael. i was all giggly, but it sounded like rachael said she couldn't wait to taste it, tho i don't recall her dropping a "yum-o" or anything. maybe she was reserving that for actually tasting it.

ACK! not thinking straight.

anyway, thanks SO MUCH to everyone who got me through the quarters. couldn't have done it without you. i'm going to go douse my head in cold water now.


Melanie said...


Philip said...

You Da Man Jim, I'm so proud and happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you! Thank you for shopping at the deli. Your recipe is so awesome. We are so happy for you. From the crew at A&N Deli, Mamma, Gaby and Tom.

KellyC said...

You don't know me at all - but CONGRATULATIONS from Winnipeg!